Area 51 Update

Midway reveals a new trailer for the upcoming shooter and details on the in-game voice acting.


Area 51

Midway's upcoming installment in its Area 51 franchise has remade the old-school light-gun shooter into a Halo-esque first-person shooter that's big on aliens and atmosphere. While we've seen the game on and off over the course of this year, Midway has been pretty low-key about the audio in the game, specifically the voice acting. Fortunately Midway will soon be throwing open the kimono on this aspect of the game with its upcoming announcement of the game's voice talent. We've been able to get an early heads-up on who will be bringing the characters in the impressive game to life, and we've had a look at the diverse, but somehow right, assemblage of talent in the game. Area 51 will feature the voices of actors David Duchovny and Powers Boothe and musician Marilyn Manson.

Area 51's story will unfold via in-game cinemas as well as traditional cinematics. Click "Stream for Free" for higher resolution.

For those unfamiliar with Area 51's rich story, the game revolves around the fun kind of "incidents" that you just know are going to be trouble. Upon receiving notification from Area 51 that a viral outbreak has just shut down the research facility and that automated quarantine procedures have locked all scientific and military personnel inside, the US Army sends in a small Special Forces unit, which includes Specialist Ethan Cole of the HAZMAT (hazardous materials) Division, to investigate. As Cole, you'll delve into massive levels set within the confines of Area 51 and discover a deadly mutagenic side effect of the virus that controls the minds of those infected, as well as an ancient alien colony buried beneath the facility. This will lead you to uncover the truth behind the chilling conspiracies that lie in the facility, including the remnants of the extraterrestrial crash at Roswell, alien autopsies, a faked lunar landing, and a surprisingly helpful gray alien named Edgar. As Cole you must solve the mystery of Area 51 before the viral mutagen is released and irrevocably mutates all life on Earth. In addition to the single-player game, Area 51 will feature support for up to 16 players online in multiplayer modes for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The modes will include staples such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and the intriguingly named humans vs. alien mutant team deathmatch.

David Duchovny, star and lifestyle guru to many a sci-fi devotee for his work on The X-Files, will bring Area 51's main character HAZMAT Specialist Ethan Cole to life. Veteran actor Powers Boothe, currently appearing in the HBO miniseries Deadwood, will provide the voice of Major Bridges, the commander of Cole's ill-fated unit. Finally, musician and occasional fashionista Marilyn Manson will voice Edgar, the potentially lovable gray alien who will guide Cole through the game's twisted story.

Area 51 is currently slated to ship in early 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Look for more on the game tomorrow as GameSpot brings you up-to-the-minute coverage from Midway's press event, and check back for additional details in the coming months. Until then, visit our media page for an exclusive new trailer for the game and footage of the actors reflecting on their roles.

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