Area 51 sighted in stores

Midway's out-of-this-world FPS crash-lands on the Xbox, PS2; PC version makes contact with store shelves May 23.


Midway today announced that its first-person shooter, Area 51, is now available in stores for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. Area 51 was developed by Midway Studios - Austin, formerly known as Inevitable Entertainment.

Gamers will assume the role of Ethan Cole, the leader of a HAZMAT squad sent to Nevada to investigate a viral outbreak in a top secret facility. While blasting through infected guards and aliens, players will uncover the truth behind the famed Roswell UFO and the staged lunar landing.

Cole will be well equipped to battle the mysteries that await him and his team. In addition to the high-powered human weapons, Cole can get his hands on top secret alien technology. He won't have to pull a trigger on all his weapons, however. Instead of succumbing to the normal effects of the deadly virus, Cole becomes endowed with psionic powers so he can unleash on those who stand between him and the truth.

Area 51 includes a multiplayer that lets up to 16 players battle online. The game's voice talent includes David Duchovny (The X-Files), Powers Booth (Deadwood), and rocker Marilyn Manson.

Area 51 is rated M for Mature and retails for $49.99. The PC version will have an SRP of $29.99. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage, or come back soon for the full review.

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