Area 51 invades the Web

Midway launches the official site for its upcoming first-person shooter.


Area 51

Gamers eager to explore the world of Area 51 are in luck: The game's official Web site is now live, offering video clips, backstory, weapon descriptions, and wallpapers. The site promises more to come, such as character bios and a gallery.

In Midway's upcoming first-person shooter, the government's Area 51 facility--rumored to be a home base for alien research--has been quarantined following a viral outbreak. Players assume the role of HAZMAT official Ethan Cole (voiced by X-Files star David Duchovny), who leads a Special Forces unit in a facility-wide investigation. The game offers five levels through which players discover the mind-control effects of the virus as well as the extent of the aliens' occupation of Area 51. The new game is a remake of the arcade shooter of the same name.

Area 51 is scheduled to invade stores on April 25 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. Console versions will offer online play for up to 16 players. The game is rated M for Mature and will carry an MSRP of $29.99 for the PC and $49.99 for the PS2 and Xbox. For more information on Area 51, check out our previous coverage.

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