Are There Too Many Remakes?

Join us for Episode 1 of The Kurt Locker, where we explore the question, "Are there too many remakes?"


In the debut episode of GameSpot's new show The Kurt Locker, host and producer Kurt Indovina digs deep into the question of whether or not there are, simply put, too many remakes. Some of the most popular games so far in 2023 are remakes of Dead Space, Metroid Prime, and Resident Evil 4. Isn't that weird? Or is it?

In this new video essay, Kurt examines the current trend of remakes and remasters, breaking down the multifacted and confusing topic. Are remakes ultimately a necessary step to celebrate a medium that struggles with preservation?

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Grab a drink and kick back as you check out the full episode of The Kurt Locker.

The Kurt Locker features Kurt examining how games impact wider culture through a series of video essays. New episodes will run weekly on Tuesdays through GameSpot's YouTube channel.

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