Arcade1Up's Marvel vs. Capcom Cabinet Is Back In Stock Today

The Marvel vs Capcom cabinet features five games and a whole lot of characters from groups like the X-Men and Street Fighter.


Arcade1Up's Marvel vs. Capcom cabinet is back in stock at Best Buy today. Available for $500, the Marvel vs. Capcom mid-size cabinet first released last October and has been sold out for quite a while. However, the cabinet may be for pickup-only at your local Best Buy store depending on your zip code.

The Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade1Up cabinet bundles five classic Capcom fighting games, including X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, and Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes--that was a mouthful. Every game, except War of the Gems, is also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can play online multiplayer with other cabinet owners.

In our Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade1Up cabinet review, tech editor Mat Paget wrote that the joystick and buttons feel cheap compared to higher-end options but praised how vibrant and smooth the games look on the cabinet's 17-inch screen.

"The Marvel vs. Capcom cabinet's cheap-feeling controls are disappointing, but when you're in the middle of a match with a friend, taking on their Magneto and Zangief with your Wolverine and Ken, Capcom's fighting game action takes over and delivers an exciting experience," he wrote. "Arcade1Up has done a great job capturing one of fighting game history's best chapters, each game boasting quality emulation that keeps that '90s nostalgia intact. If Arcade1Up had provided higher-quality controls, it would have sealed itself as a truly incredible cabinet. If you can get past that, the Marvel vs. Capcom cabinet is a no-brainer."

If you're interested in other Arcade1Up cabinets, you can also check out our Burger Time cabinet review. Arcade1Up does a great job paying homage to the best classics out there, from the emulation to the cabinet's physical design.

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