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Arcade1Up Will Reveal Its Next Machines Tomorrow

The brand will show off its upcoming lineup, which has expanded recently to also include pinball and light gun games.


Update: Arcade1Up has unveiled its new arcade machines at CES 2021, including a four-player X-Men cabinet, Killer Instinct, Dragon's Lair, Capcom and Bandai Namco Legacy edition cabinets, and more.

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Arcade1Up has typically used CES as its announcement venue for upcoming at-home arcade cabinets--and as of 2020, pinball machines--and that isn't changing now that CES 2021 has gone virtual. GameSpot can exclusively reveal that Arcade1Up will be showing off its newest machines on January 11.

What Arcade1Up has not revealed yet is what those machines will be. Last year, it brought a trio of pinball machines to CES, including Marvel, Star Wars, and Attack From Mars variants, along with systems like NBA Jam. The majority of the systems shown at the event are now available, though the pinball machines were bumped from the end of 2020 into early 2021. Since they were shown, the pinball machines were revised with physical plungers. Zen Studios partnered with Arcade1Up to offer 10 different tables on each one.

The brand began with traditional-style arcade games using buttons and joysticks, but it is now offering light gun games as well. Thus far, they're limited to the Buck Hunter series, but the technology is likely to be implemented into other cabinets, too--Area 51, Time Crisis, and House of the Dead are among the most often requested games. Additionally, a seated Outrun cabinet, complete with a matching bench and four racing games, is available, with a stand-up variant also in the works. That one will hopefully be easier for adults to play, as their legs won't be cramped until the cabinet itself.

Arcade1Up also began dabbling outside of the arcade entirely with its Infinity Game Table, a virtual board game platform loaded up with Parker Brothers and Hasbro games. The device's successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $1 million, with an estimated release date around March. It will allow players to buy additional games and tables, as well as comic and coloring books. It's also available in two different sizes to suit different party sizes. It also has detachable legs, so you can use it as its own table or place it on an existing table for more options.

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