Arcade Classic Toobin' Relased For Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color owners get a blast from the past with the release of Toobin', the arcade classic from Midway.


Midway Games Inc. announced that Toobin', the updated remake of the original 1980's arcade classic, is shipping to retail outlets today. As Super Toober Bif, players must navigate 15 river courses, strapped only to an inner tube. These fictional courses, with names like Martian Canal and Jurassic Swamp, are littered with rocks, enemy toobers, and other obstacles to add to the challenge. Other gameplay features include the ability to throw cans of soda at opposing racers and to collect tube patches to stay afloat.

The game scrolls vertically, as on-screen object float by fluidly. Players avoid obstacles by moving left or right, while rotating the inner tube to quickly change direction. Races progress from one checkpoint to the next, as points are earned by reaching the checkpoint gates before your opponent.

"Toobin' is a classic arcade game that will appeal to more than just arcade fans of old," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway Games West. "And, with this new installment available on the Game Boy, a whole new generation will get the chance to play this classic."

Toobin' for the Game Boy Color carries a suggested retail price of US$29.99.

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