April's Halo: Master Chief Collection Update Adds New Quitting Penalties and More

Upcoming update also makes "specific improvements to ranking," among other things.


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Microsoft's 343 Industries has published a new blog post that outlines all the changes coming to Xbox One game Halo: The Master Chief Collection through its upcoming April update. March's game update "normalized and improved" matchmaking overall, so in April, 343 is introducing even more features.

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April's Halo: The Master Chief Collection update will "address a variety of issues across the game." These include "specific improvements to ranking, new quit and betrayal penalties," and further tweaks in preparation for the ranking system going live for other playlists.

Further information about April's update, including full patch notes, will come later.

343 is also planning more improvements for The Master Chief Collection's various playlists. Specifically, the developer is working on changing team sizes for specific playlists. Some of these changes have already been rolled out. For example, the Halo: Combat Evolved playlist has been changed so that the team size is no longer 2-3 players, but rather strictly 2 players.

"Based on results and feedback, we'll be looking to update team sizes and player counts across existing and upcoming playlists, including Team Doubles, as we get closer to the next update," 343 said. "Lastly, SWAT and Team Snipers will both make a return into the rotation in the near future, and we'll continue to evaluate playlist data to determine which playlists become permanent additions."

Are you still playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection? I sure am. Enjoying the tweaks 343 is making? Let us know in the comments below.

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