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April Fools' Day 2019 Roundup: All The Best Gaming Jokes (Also Kirby Is A Square Now)

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Seriously. Kirby is square. I hate it.

Finally, the day we've been looking forward to since at least last night is here. April Fools' Day is back for more hoaxes, jokes, and wind-ups, and we're collecting all the best gaming-themed ones for you right here. We'll be updating this article throughout the day as we spot more fakes, so be sure to check back later, too.

However, it's not all jokes and japes on April Fools' Day: r/Games has closed down for April Fools' Day, but it is for a good reason. You can, however, share your favorite gags in the comments below.

Square Kirby

There's only one place to start and nope I already hate today, April Fools' Day needs to stop. Kirby is a square now.

Vacuum Kirby

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Kirby is also a vacuum cleaner now. No I still hate it.

Final Fantasy's Omega As A Home Assistant

Square Enix has developed a version of Final Fantasy superboss Omega as smart home assistant. I'll stick with Alexa, thanks.

The Anthem Subreddit Rebrands

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The Anthem subreddit has undergone a makeover today, and it now looks like another familiar game.

Corsair Game Launcher Launcher

Corsair has combined all your game launchers into one Game Launcher Launcher, complete with its own digital currency that allows you to buy digital currency.

Street Fighter Shoot-'em-Up

Street Fighter's G now has his own mobile game, in the style of a shoot-'em-up. All sense has been lost.

A New Yakuza Game

This is a bit of a cruel tease, isn't it? It's a new Yakuza game that takes the series' signature combat and turns it into a turn-based RPG, with, according to our internal Yakuza expert, what looks like "weird magic stuff."

Sniper Elite: Love in Your Sights

Sniper Elite: Love in Your Sights is a new game from Rebellion that turns the long-running sniper series into a romantic visual novel. Because of course.

Payday Royale

Yet another battle royale game gets announced; this time it's one set in the Payday universe.

Rainbow Six Siege's Rainbow Is Magic

So this is a weird one. Ubisoft has announced a time-limited event named Rainbow is Magic for Rainbow Six Siege. I say it's weird because, well, it's real.

For Honor + Rabbids

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Another Ubisoft joke that someone took too far, For Honor is hosting a Rabbids crossover event. And yes, it is also real.

Doom: The Joy Of Slaying

Bethesda joins the fun with this glimpse of what a Bob Ross show would look like if Bob Ross was also in Doom.

Google Maps Adds A New Game

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Google Maps has enjoyed many April Fools' jokes over the years, and for 2019 it's made a transport-themed edition of the classic game Snake.

Harada Enters The Tekken 7 Fight

Something a little different now, and Tekken 7 director Katsuhiro Harada is fed up of merely directing games; now he wants to be in them as well. I wouldn't mess with him.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Mobile Mode

Okay, this one's pretty good. Creative Assembly has unveiled a new mode for Total War: Three Kingdoms that turns the game into an old mobile game you might have played on your Nokia 3310.


A crossover of two great indie series, VelocOlli will see you control Velocity's Kai as she rides an Olli Olli hoverboard. It's launching in 2020, apparently.

Elgato Green Screen Spray

Elgato now allows streamers to make everything invisible to their viewers with their new Green Screen Spray. You can even make yourself disappear!

New Hitman 2 Elusive Target

Hitman 2 has gained a new Elusive Target with the addition of a duck. I honestly can't tell if this is real.

Can You See Marvel: Contest Of Champions' New Character?

Marvel: Contest of Champions is getting a new character soon, and developer Kabam has given us a first look at her. Except, it hasn't, because she's invisible. Let's hope that bug gets fixed by the time Invisible Woman makes it into the game.

Sonic Royale

I unashamedly love this Twitter account, and right on cue Sonic the Hedgehog himself has got in on the April Fools' Day action with Sonic Royale. It's an action-PvP-MMO-Survival-ARPG-FPS-Dating sim and I would 100% play this, Sega.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is another game gaining a new character, this time with an all-powerful owl named Feh. I would also like this to actually happen.


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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

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