April Fools' Day 2017 Video Game Joke Roundup

Don't be fooled.


April Fools' Day has arrived a bit early this year, with a few of the video game industry's creations coming out a day ahead of time.

It can be hard to keep track of what's real and what isn't--Rocket League's Fast and Furious DLC and Final Fantasy show Daddy of Light somehow both fall into the "real" category--so we're rounding up some of the best video game jokes for you here.

If you come across any we haven't included, be sure to let us know in the comments below. We'll update this post over the weekend as more surface.

How to Enter a Guardian in Breath of the Wild

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Although incredibly cool, the video making the rounds showing you how to enter a Guardian in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, unfortunately, a complete fabrication. We know, because we made it!

Square Enix's New Tactics Game

Square Enix produced a trailer for a fake game called Tactics Alexander as a spinoff of MMO Final Fantasy XIV. This is somewhat of a cruel gag, as the game actually looks pretty fun.

Turtle Beach Feed Bag

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Turtle Beach introduces the Feed Bag, which they dub the "F-Bag." According the jokey press release, "Attach the F-BAG to any Turtle Beach headset and wrap it securely around the lower half of your face so your piehole is perfectly positioned to feast."

Yet Another Fire Emblem Game

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Nintendo's Fire Emblem series has not been lacking attention in recent years, which makes the prospect of another game seem pretty reasonable. That is, at least until you check out the specifics and images laid out on this Japanese-language website for the supposed 3DS/Switch game, Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution.

Ms. Pac-Man On Google Maps

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As it has in the past, Google is allowing you to transform a set of streets on Google Maps into a playable level of Pac-Man (or Ms. Pac-Man, as the case may be). It works surprisingly well.

Nvidia's New Gaming Assistant

The newest (fake) innovation from Nvidia is G-Assist, which is essentially an AI player that can take your place in online games or help to give you an edge in difficult boss fights. It's even supposed to warn you when it's time to pause and get something to eat or drink, which is like a weird twist on those notifications in Nintendo games telling you to take a break.

A New Street Fighter EX Game

Update: This game could actually be real, and just be a bit of unfortunate timing. According to a post on Neogaf, as translated note from Arika wrote that "the fact that we hid that this was going to be the game played is the joke." The game above is actually playable and represents an in-development product. It's a weird joke, but great news that the EX cast may actually be coming back!

World of Tanks' Mars Mode

In a rare instance of an existing game offering an April Fools' joke for real, World of Tanks has a limited-time mode called Mars mode. In it, you'll head to Mars to use lasers and deal with UFOs.

A New Stronghold Card Game

The Stronghold series is (not) expanding with a new collectible card game. Called Stronghold: Drawbridge, Firefly Studios has released the trailer above for the fake game.

Black Desert Online's Own Whisky

No Caption Provided

Black Desert Online is marking an anniversary with Black Spirit, its own line of whisky. It's described as a "blend made from some of Scotland's rarest and most exceptional whiskies," offering a sickening mixture of flavors. "Black Spirit is incomparably rich and smoky, with velvety smooth breaking waves of powerful flavor," the description reads. "Hazelnuts, honey, sherry and oranges tumble in first, before releasing hidden secrets like ginger, kumquats, sandalwood, and dark chocolate. A rich honey sweetness emerges, accompanied by hints of pepper and dried fruits."

Kartong: Death By Cardboard

The developer of Svrvive: The Deus Helix has another VR game (not really) in the works called Kartong. It falls into the incredibly common "challenging casual/miniature/stealth/adventure/FPS" genre. You can check out a video for it above.

8-Bit Bayonetta

No Caption Provided

Sega has released a new Steam game called 8-Bit Bayonetta. While a playable joke in and of itself, the game directs fans to a teaser website counting down to something in April. While it might be part of some larger joke, it looks like this apparent April Fools' gag may lead to a real announcement--such as a PC release of Bayonetta.

StarCraft II Overlord Announcer Pack

If you're tired of useful announcer packs in StarCraft II, the new Overlord pack should suit your needs nicely. As you can hear in the samples on Blizzard's website, everything it has to say is completely unintelligible. I'm almost sad that this probably won't ever be released.

A Nine-Screen Laptop

Online retailer Newegg has unveiled a ridiculous new fake product: Project MEgga, a laptop equipped with nine screens. Aside from the absurdity of that, it comes with such made-up components as an Intel i9-8900x processor and GTX 1280 Ti Ancestor Edition, as well as speakers that feature confetti cannons. It's available for "preorder" at the discounted price of $29,998, which is .00003% percent off its usual price.

A Shantae Demake

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Rather than a remaster project, WayForward has proposed a fake demake of the first Shantae game called Shantae: Demakeified. It's designed for one-button input, which the developer says adds "a whole new layer of challenge to jumping, attacking, or just walking around."

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Avatar image for pork7

Nothing will ever top EGMs old pranks. Using Simon in TMNT, and the best ever, Sheng Long in SF2.

Avatar image for deactivated-5abc14ca5e8cc

It's so overdone it's boring.

Avatar image for HalcyonScarlet

What I find most interesting is how much effort these companies put into April Fools. Like Sega spent man hours making that 8-bit game. Someone actually had to make a USB in the design of a Geforce graphics card. Whatever dude, kinda blows my mind.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

Funny how many of these things are stuff that people would actually desperately want to have, like the Tactics Alexander.

The day of the major let-downs.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

Ikea's airline prank was way better


That usb 1080 is cool though lol. They should just make usb sticks in those designs.

Avatar image for JohnCrichton

Yet another terrible April Fool's day. DO BETTER NEXT YEAR.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

@JohnCrichton: What's the matter, sunshine?

Avatar image for fallkan

Lmao Square " Hey you know that game you've been dieing for, well we made it, shot a trailer and then threw it in the garbage, you're welcome."

Seriously what a fucking **** company.

Avatar image for justinc882

Man I would play the hell out of that tactics game.

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

Omg! I want that lovely USB device looking like a Nvidia GTX 10xx !!!
It looks AMAZING! =D

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@silv3rst0rm: It does hey lol.

Avatar image for DekiRambo

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but, apparently, War Thunder has introduced Tier IX which includes modern tanks and Helicopters (!).

Modern tanks and helicopters arrive on War Thunder’s frontlines

It's announced as a open test and ran as an event in game. Looks pretty legit but to me it's still more of a April fools' day joke. Well, you decide what it really is :P

Avatar image for zyxahn

F Bag is an over priced snack hoodie. :)

Avatar image for bat725

What about Wonder Twins in Injustice 2?

Avatar image for James_xeno

The Japanese are either really bad at this or really, REALLY good.. (and evil)

Avatar image for streamline

@James_xeno: They are also one day ahead of most people in time zones so the timing might not be April's Fool timing at all.

Avatar image for boardsport311

8-bit Bayonetta looks awesome.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@boardsport311: 8 bit is believable too lol

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

Anyone remember the "Dragon Ball AF" picture that everyone thought was a real thing for years and years until some people actually made fake screenshots for a non-existent anime?

That was actually a pretty good prank.

Avatar image for Keivz_basic

Project Scorpio has been cancelled. April fools....?

Avatar image for Blackened_Halo

Tactics Alexander really needs to happen!! I hope Square Enix will consider it after the fans' feedback!

Avatar image for Scorch_22

Square Enix, that's just cruel! You should just make that Tactics game! I'll play it, I need my SE Tactics game fix!

Avatar image for StammBladecastr

Battlefield 1 has unicorns!

Avatar image for excelsagas

Bandai Namco also posted a totally uncool joke announcement of Vesperia PS4 on their official Facebook page.

CDPR's official Witcher twitter announced a fake gag statue of Geralt bathing in the wooden tub.

Someone at Capcom posted a fake MHXX Switch port announcement as well.

Avatar image for heqteur

@excelsagas: April fool's jokes are only cool when people go mad about them.

Avatar image for Doomerang

@excelsagas: The talesofseries page is fan run, not official. Just goes to show how convincing (and sadistic) the faked pics were.

Avatar image for StammBladecastr

I'm not sure that some of these developers know how pranks work. Saying you're working on a game that could be legitimate but (fooled you!) it isn't real -- that isn't a prank.

When I was a kid I worked at a pizza place where the manage would "prank" us by coming into the back room and saying the store was packed and we were needed in the front room. Then we'd rush out to help and the place would be empty. "Oh man, I got you good!" But that's not a prank. The restaurant getting busy was something that would actually happen sometimes.

Similarly, SE makes tactics games sometimes. Arika makes fighters. There's nothing outrageous about either video that makes someone a sucker for believing they're real.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@StammBladecastr: There are half a billion April fools jokes made every year. Of course only like 0,2% of them are good. And in the era of internet even most of those don't fool anyone since by morning we have noticed that on that day internet is a joke.

It shouldn't really be a fools day or prank day but something like "Crazy idea day"

Ok that's enough complaining

Avatar image for meedokicky

That fighting game looks awesome! Too good to be a joke tbh :o

And the music in the first video <3

Avatar image for Henninger

Well that sucks for the Street Fighter EX video. That actually looked good.

Avatar image for Doomerang

@Henninger: Since it was quietly updated, just wanted to tell you it was confirmed real. Given the preview though, it looks like the arika characters are in their own game and won't feature street fighter characters

Avatar image for Henninger

@Doomerang: That is actually good news. I'd buy that because it could lead to another EX Street Fighter game if it does well enough.

Avatar image for X-RS

Wow.... actually want like half of these be real >_> (well, Mrs. Pacman a perma feature)

Avatar image for Afgaadhs

Funnily enough, the Street Fighter EX trailer is actually legit. Arika was streaming what looked like live gameplay earlier today on youtube with professional players like kazunoko there. If it is a hoax, it's one of the most in depth and elaborate april fool's jokes i've seen.

Avatar image for couly

Remember when everyone thought Far Cry Blood Dragon was an April Fools joke. :D

Avatar image for hardeddie

Capcom actualy wishes Street Fighter EX new game as real cash grab instead of April Fools joke.

Avatar image for fend_oblivion

"Half Life 3 announced"

^ Nice try, Satan.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

@fend_oblivion: Valve did that a couple years ago. Or they put up the half life logo with a three on it, and, if you clicked, you got troll face or something.

The internet was not amused.

Avatar image for rey2

A little late on April fools there i see. But I kinda knew something was off with Tactics Alexander when the Logo was somewhat similar to Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Avatar image for darksouls


Avatar image for Isamu_36

The Arika trailer is a rather cruel joke.

I really liked Street Fighter EX 2.

Avatar image for simonbelmont2

@Isamu_36: Ha, ha that was a pretty good trailer too.

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