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April Fools' 2016  Video Game Joke Roundup

Here are some of the best video game pranks on the Internet today.


You can't always trust what you read on the Internet, and this is especially true today. To help separate fact from fiction, we're rounding up the best April Fools' jokes we find. This post will be updated throughout the day as more join in on the fun.

Found something interesting? Drop us a line at to let us know and we may include it in this roundup. Be safe out there! After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

"A Horse Is a Horse Is a Horse, of Course."

CD Projekt Red gets things started with one of the better gags we've ever seen. We won't explain what's involved, but the thumbnail should be a pretty good indication of what it's going for. Finally, The Witcher 3's finest character gets the attention it deserves.

Assassin's Creed's Main Struggle Is Over

Ubisoft gets in on the action with this silly message that claims the battle between Templars and the Brotherhood is over. "Honest. Pinky swear."

Dark Souls III: The Movie

If Dark Souls III was a VHS movie, it might look something like this:

Butt Pose Is Back

Blizzard Entertainment is removing a controversial "butt pose" from Overwatch, but another game, Black Desert Online, is adding one. Well, not really. Or maybe. We're not entirely sure.

"The first series of butt pose animations will be added during next week's maintenance and will be made available at no additional cost," developer Daum Games said. "A wider range of optional butt pose animations will be made available through the cash shop at a later stage."

The butt poses will be available in Black Desert Online's new Crimson Battlefield PvP mode from the Mediah Expansion

No Caption Provided

Arma Eau De Combat

A new fragrance for Arma players. Here's the description: "Designed for those who love risk-taking, this brand new perfume appeals to your most basic instincts with the captivating scent of battle."

The World's First Ghost-Catching Device

Sony, whose film division is behind the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, today announced the Proton Pack.

Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai said in a statement, "The perfection of the Proton Pack, long a dream of the world's greatest engineers since first pioneered by Dr. Egon Spengler of Columbia University, is an example of Sony's relentless pursuit of innovation. It absolutely delivers the wow factor that is so important to our company mission."

The Next Game From Blizzard Entertainment...

Check out this funny video to see what Blizzard is cooking up next.

We’re proud to unveil the next epic title from Blizzard Entertainment.

Posted by World of Warcraft on Friday, 1 April 2016

Nyko Introduces the EgoBooster1337 Controller

This newly announced and totally bogus controller has a "compliment button" so you can feel good about yourself all the time, as well as a "toxicity filter" to block any nasty chatter. A "win button" automatically rage-quits for you. "Why waste your life practicing to get better someday when you could feel better today?" Nyko said in a news release.

Ridiculous World of Warcraft Patch Notes

The alpha test for upcoming expansion Legion is (not seriously) getting an interesting-sounding patch, which will make elements of the world smaller, let you know when teammates are being controller through Twitch Plays streams, and other inane things. Oh, and they're finally adding characters from Hearthstone to celebrate the Hearthstone MMO announced above. You can read more here and check out the full, fake patch notes here.

Play StarCraft Racing Game Maximum Novadrive

Blizzard has released a racing game playable right from your browser. It's a race to see whether you'll die first or quit of your own accord.

100,000 Dragon Balloons

How do you throw a first birthday party for mobile game War Dragons? By releasing 100,000 dragon balloons over the San Francisco bay, of course. He's an image of a seal taking in the sights.

"One out of every 100 balloons will also contain special dragon treasures, including everything from dimes and hard candy to miniature bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey," the developer said. "The balloons are crafted from durable clown-grade latex, making them highly resistant to popping and decomposition. Even after they've run out of air, they’re expected to become fun floating fixtures around the SF bay, on par with the Bay Lights or Coit Tower. They will add colorful, dragony delight to the area for years to come."

No Caption Provided

Ark: Survival Devolved:

The joke here is that the dinosaurs ride the humans, not the other way around.


World of Warcraft's version of Uber/Lyft...

"As times change and more travel options become available to the heroes of Azeroth, these stalwart Flightmasters are beginning to feel the pinch," Blizzard said on its website.

"Enter the service known simply as 'Flyt,' which allows customers to simply whisper their destination to a central operator. Flyt then automatically connects travelers with a nearby 'transporters' who will shuttle the customer via passenger mounts or portals to their destination—often for just a fraction of the cost of a Flightmaster, and in many cases much faster."

No Caption Provided


An emissions-free solution for ride-sharing...Final Fantasy style. .

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