April Fish And Bugs To Catch In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here are all the new fish and bugs you can catch in New Horizons this month.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has tons of fish and bugs to catch all day, every day, but not all of them are available year-round. It's April and that means there are new seasonal fish and bugs to fill up your museum, your Critterpedia, and your pockets. Some of the fish and bugs you can catch this month will be around for a few more months, but not all of them will stick around that long. Similarly, April will be your last chance to catch fish and bugs that are going away in May--if you're in the Northern Hemispere, that means the tarantula, so you better learn how to farm tarantulas while you still can!

April sees the arrival of a few Animal Crossing newcomers, like the Madagascan sunset moth, which--unlike its nocturnal counterparts--can be spotted during the day. The giant water bug also makes its first appearance in the Animal Crossing series, which might sound exciting unless you've been relying on tarantula farming to earn tons of money. Find out how the new critter is throwing things off-balance for some crafty players below. Northern Hemisphere players will want to keep a closer eye out for itchy villagers if they want to catch a new blood-sucking arrival that has already plagued Southern Hemisphere players since launch.

For a more comprehensive list of Animal Crossing's wildlife, check out our fish and bug guides, where you'll find tips on how to catch them, how weather affects availability, and more.

Here are all the new fish and bugs you can catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in April.

April Fish And Bugs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Northern Hemisphere

New April FishTimeLocationPrice
Butterfly FishAll dayOcean1,000
ClownfishAll dayOcean650
CrawfishAll dayPond200
Guppy9 AM - 4 PMRiver1,300
KillifishAll dayPond200
Neon Tetra9 AM - 4 PMRiver500
Sea HorseAll dayOcean1,100
Snapping Turtle9 PM - 4 AMRiver5,000
SurgeonfishAll dayOcean1,000
Zebra TurkeyfishAll dayOcean500

New April BugsTimeLocationPrice
Agrias Butterfly8 AM - 5 PMFlying3,000
Atlas Moth7 PM - 4 AMTree3,000
Common Bluebottle4 AM - 7 PMFlying300
Darner Dragonfly8 AM - 5 PMFlying230
FleaAll dayOn a flea-infested villager70
Giant Water Bug7 PM - 8 AMRivers and ponds2,000
Jewel BeetleAll dayTree stumps2,400
Long Locust8 AM - 7 PMGround200
Madagascan Sunset Moth8 AM - 4 PMFlying2,500
Rajah Brooke's Birdwing8 AM - 5 PMFlying2,500

The giant water bug makes its debut in the Animal Crossing series, but its arrival also marks hard times for tarantula farmers. If you try to create your own tarantula island on a Mystery Tour island with freshwater, the giant water bug will mess with your spawn rates, making the process even more tedious than it used to be.

Fleas are now available to catch too, but this one is tricky. You'll have to keep an eye out for itchy villagers to save if you want to nab this one.

Southern Hemisphere

New April FishTimeLocationPrice
DabAll dayOcean300
Yellow PerchAll dayRiver300

New April BugsTimeLocationPrice
Ladybug8 AM - 5 PMFlowers200

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