Apple TV Gaming Device Will Cost Around $150, Says Report

More sources familiar with company's plans point to gaming-oriented revision for Apple's set top box.


The next iteration of Apple TV will place a greater emphasis on gaming, according to people familiar with Apple's plans.

Speaking to The New York Times under conditions of anonymity, the insiders said the new version of Apple TV, which has primarily been used for video and music streaming thus far, will feature more powerful internal hardware to display higher quality graphics.

The device will also include a new remote that also functions as a controller, and access to the App Store will also be implemented so users can purchase and download new games.

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The sources claim the new gaming-oriented Apple TV will have a starting price around $150, which while significantly more expensive than the current $70 product, is still much cheaper than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Although Apple has traditionally shown very little interest in entering the gaming space with a dedicated platform for TV's, numerous recent reports have suggested this is set to change.

On September 1 it was reported the new Apple TV will include a Wii Remote-like controller as part of the company's "largest-ever effort to lure players from traditional consoles."

Unnamed sources "with knowledge of the product" have said Apple TV will have bluetooth functionality and support a range of third-party devices. The controller will also supposedly feature motion controls, physical buttons, and a touchpad interface.

"For gaming purposes, the remote control will have the built-in motion sensors introduced in the iPhone, so that it can be used as a steering wheel for car racing titles and similar games," 9to5 Mac claims.

"Importantly, however, the controller is said to connect to the Apple TV over Bluetooth, rather than using a sensor bar with IR support. As a result, the Apple TV's support for motion controls is unlikely to include a system navigation and pointing interface akin to Nintendo’s Wii."

Apple has not yet addressed the mounting rumours and is unlikely to until its upcoming event. The tech giant has sent notices to the media and software partners to attend a press conference on September 9 in San Francisco.

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