Apple To Reveal New Gaming Service Soon [Update]

Apple pushes further into games with new service, it seems.

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One of the big announcements that Apple could make during its reveal event on Monday is a new video game service. According to Bloomberg, Apple is creating a "premium games subscription" service for the App Store. Whatever the case, you can watch Apple's "It's Show Time" event live. [Update: Sure enough, the Apple event has brought word on a game-subscription service called Apple Arcade.]

Unlike the recently announced Google Stadia, or PlayStation Now and Microsoft's xCloud, Apple's service is reportedly not cloud-based. Instead, it will focus on iPhones and iPads and bundle together paid games from different developers that consumers can access for a monthly fee," Bloomberg reported.

One source said Apple will pay developers based on how much time users spend playing their title. The report goes on to claim that the service would only feature paid games, not free-to-play titles. The report also says the service may not be announced on Monday, but instead during its developer conference in June. That timing would be intriguing, as it's just before E3.

According to analyst Serkan Toto, this kind of package offering is already available in Japan. He also points out that, if free-to-play games are indeed excluded, then Nintendo's upcoming Mario Kart Tour wouldn't be eligible. As you may recall, Apple partnered with Nintendo in a big way to promote and release the free-to-play Mario game Super Mario Run.

Go to Bloomberg to get the full story.

An earlier report suggested the March 25 Apple news conference will include the formal reveal of Apple's plans for its own Netflix-style TV streaming service. All should become clear soon.

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Avatar image for skyhighgam3r
SkyHighGam3r it's just gonna be mobile games?
Who cares?

Avatar image for Tidus1012

Coming from Apple? I already feel sorry for all the people that's gonna be raped.

Avatar image for DEATHWlSH

Is this a joke? Mobile gaming sucks. I have an iPad and an iPhone but I don't think I've ever actually downloaded a game that wasn't free, and even those ones get old after a while. I'm not sure why anyone would ever spend money on a mobile game.

Avatar image for Tidus1012

@DEATHWlSH: I get you man, mobile gaming is just a fricking scam. The stupid mechanic of having limited "lives" or "stamina" to play and then wait for the recharge or having to pay real money is just ridiculous. Every time I read about people spending $100 or more in random pulls just make me wonder why are people so brainless.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Hopefully Apple will take on Google for the Video game streaming war. Cancel each other out. Until Amazon, or Samsung join the Game streaming fray. Microsoft will not resist joining the fray. Steam, Cog, EA, Ubisoft. Epic and other Video game digital store fronts will be the cause of the digital/Streaming store front Videogame Crash. Nintendo and Sony will be sucked into this Digital download/Game streaming crash. Customer backlash over the way they are treated but this new Billion dollar Games as service model.

Once again gaming will face near extinction.

Avatar image for barcaazul

I fear these big companies are going to ruin gaming. Sure publisher's have always looked to make money, but some still see the art and entertainment of games. I fear this will be really under threat from what we have seen in recent weeks.

Avatar image for doremonhg9x

This will just encourage people to make game that is prolonged for no good reason

Avatar image for LeoKRock

“...Apple will pay developers based on how much time users spend playing their title” for someone who likes highly polished short games this approach is not what I want at all...

We will just see the freemium games become paid so that they get into this program. Hard pass

Avatar image for igroku

Everybody is trying to get your subscription money, that is $$$ in the bank every month, very consistent.

I don't know about other people, but my wallet is starting to close on all the subscriptions every month, it is getting ridiculous. It leaves you with little discretionary income, they are bleeding you for every penny they can get, and not just apple, all of the content makers and providers. Now instead of bundling cable channels they are bundling games, making it look like your getting a lot until you realize most of the stuff you don't want and are paying for it anyway.

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

@igroku: See below. If you switch to working for Google for $22,000 per month, you can afford all the subscription services you want. It's really just that easy. What are you waiting for? CALL NOW!!

Avatar image for gargungulunk

So next Gen will be 6 ways to play the same game. ...remakes and King of the Hill games.

I feel like there's plenty of life left in the PS4/XB1 era, I hope they don't pull up stakes too fast

Either way, I'll be rolling out next-gen, as my backlog era...

Avatar image for DragonAtma

Oh look, the latest "me too" service.

Avatar image for Barighm

So...Apple Pass?

Avatar image for alastor529

@Barighm: and i'll pass