Apple sold 43.7 million iPhones in the past three months -- How many did you buy?

iPhones sales rise from 37.4 million sold during the same period last year; iPad sales down, however, to 16.35 million sold.


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On Wednesday, Apple reported fiscal second-quarter earnings for the three-month period ended March 29, revealing iPhone sales were up and iPad sales were down.

For the quarter, Apple sold a whopping 43.7 million iPhones, up from 37.4 million during the same period last year. iPad sales were 16.35 million, down from 19.4 million last year.

Overall, Apple posted $45.6 billion in revenue and a net profit of $10.2 billion for the quarter. This is up from revenue of $43.6 billion and profit of $9.5 billion last year.

"We're very proud of our quarterly results, especially our strong iPhone sales and record revenue from services," Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. "We're eagerly looking forward to introducing more new products and services that only Apple could bring to market."

To put Apple's numbers into context, Activision Blizzard--one of the biggest game publishers around--hauled $4.34 billion in revenue for the entire 2013 year.

Here's some highlights from Apple's latest quarter:

  • iPhone: 43.7 million sold, compared to 37.4 million last year.
  • iPad: 16.35 million sold, compared to 19.4 million last year.
  • Mac: 4.14 million sold, compared to 3.95 million last year.
  • iTunes/Software/Services: $4.57 billion in revenue, up from $4.11 billion last year.
  • Accessories: $1.42 billion in revenue, up from $1.38 billion last year.

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