Apple iPhone 11 And 11 Pro Details, Prices, And Release Date Revealed

Apple shares the first details on its next iPhone(s).

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Apple had a wealth of announcements to share during its Apple September event. Along with revealing new details about the Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ services, the company showcased the next generation of its flagship products, including the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

The standard iPhone 11 features a 6.1 inch liquid retina display and true tone display, as well as Dolby Atmos support. The phone also has a dual camera system, with 12mp wide and ultra wide cameras, and 120-degree field of view. The iPhone 11 will come in six colors: red, black, yellow, white, purple, and green.

Apple briefly touched on other aspects of the phone as well. In terms of battery life, the company says the iPhone 11 will last one hour longer than the iPhone XR, and it features an A13 bionic CPU chip. As far as pricing goes, the iPhone 11 will retail for $699.

That isn't the only new iPhone on the way, however. Apple also unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max--higher end models with better specs. While the standard iPhone 11 comes with two cameras, the Pro boasts three. It comes in four colors--midnight green, space gray, silver, and gold--and is made from surgical grade stainless steel. It is also 15% more energy efficient.

Regarding battery life, the iPhone 11 Pro lasts four hours longer than the iPhone XS, while the Pro Max lasts up to five hours longer than the XS Max. The phones also come with a fast charge adaptor right out of the box. Of course, with better specs comes a heftier price tag. The 11 Pro costs $999, while the 11 Pro Max is $1099. You'll be able to pre-order the phones beginning this Friday, September 13, and they'll begin shipping out on September 20.

Apple's September event is still ongoing, and it was packed with announcements. Among other things, the company also gave viewers their first look at the seventh-generation iPad. You can catch up on all the biggest news from the event below.

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Avatar image for cejay0813

And some would laugh at the amount of money most of us shell out for video games.... to each his own. So much virtue signaling in the comments. If I had a buck for the amount of “who would pay $1k for a phone” type comments on these gaming forums I’d be able to get the damn phone.

Avatar image for bluearchan

Honestly i dont do gaming on a phone but yeah i do need processing power and good UI graphics at the interface level only.

I wonder how many people use their phones to play games like a serious gamer.

Avatar image for Litchie

A thousand bucks. For a fucking phone. LOL.

Avatar image for jsprunk

That camera, my tryptophobia, 1000%

Avatar image for naruto945

Next iPhone is gonna just be a digital camera that calls people

Avatar image for ChunkyDrawers

Alienware best phone.

Avatar image for jsprunk

@ChunkyDrawers: aka Dell

Avatar image for rajangvolt

Now I can finally upgrade to iPhone 7 once they release iPhone 11. This is how I'm way behind with this trend.

Avatar image for Sindroid

@rajangvolt: You don´t miss out on anything..

Avatar image for siegeind

@Sindroid: Im still using a 6s and does everything perfectly fine.

Avatar image for saikowaifu2003

Phones always rank dead last when comes to my spending priorities: PC > tablets >> consoles >>>>>> phones

Avatar image for chippiez

@saikowaifu2003: tablets? eww.

Avatar image for saikowaifu2003

@chippiez: As someone who does alot of sketches and drawings, I find the iPad Pro quite useful. Aiming for a Wacom one eventually though.

Avatar image for HesamB

If you like the phone and have disposable income, good on you buy it. not for me though even if i had the money

Avatar image for Crazy_sahara

The best phone in the world is the Asus Rog 2, it's more powerful then a Nintendo switch, the CPU is over locked, it has led lights all over it, 6.6inch screen, 48mega local camera, it supports 3ds accessories mode, and Nintendo switch accessories mode, it's water cooled, it has a docking bay station like the Nintendo switch so the bad boy Rog operates as a pc display port, it's just a level beyond apple and the Asus Rog 2 has a 6000ma battery, including 3.5 headphone jack and a freaking 24inch front facing camera. it's a phone from 2022 with 120hz on juicy 12gig of ram.

And did I mention it's slightly cheaper too.

Faak apple, but I understand why apple should stil exist, same reason people study so they can find a better job but with much harder circumstances then the previous generation.

The perpetual rule of life, another reason to never kill of your enemies.

You don't understand what I mean, well if you kill of GameStop and what would happen, games maybe cheaper crunch time will consume the gaming industry, less info games due to the inability for platforms to care about gaming anymore it will be a huge cesspool of steam policies where everything is distopian.

Avatar image for Sindroid

@Crazy_sahara: I don´t really understand the use of this phone. What is it design to run? Google Store games? 99% of the games on there are Ad-filled trash.

Avatar image for sakaixx

How much is the Oneplus 7 pro now? Seems like a really great alternative.

Avatar image for untouchables111

im good with my iphone x.. wanted the larger option but yall F'ed me on that one

Avatar image for kstaggs87

I don’t understand why the regular iPhone always gets these bright awesome colors, and the Pro/Max model only ever has like 3 dull ass colors. I like having a big phone but I also would like to have a bigger color variety too. At least Samsung gives you more options on their bigger phones.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

Yeahhhh no. Ridiculous price.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

That camera array is god awful...

Avatar image for knifebeater

@JustPlainLucas: Seriously. How many cameras do we need on our phones anyway? All of them?

Avatar image for nikon133

@knifebeater: For me, it is more of unpleasant layout than number of cameras. Since they cannot fit zoom lens in the phone (although some others have managed, I think?), 3 cameras are workaround... wide, standard, zoom. But... that big square hump, and on top of it smaller lenses humps.

Even cheaper iPhone with 2 cameras still has that big square hump.

Probably OK for people who keep phone in some sort of case... but it is not pretty design, imho. For the asking price, phone should look beautiful from any angle. I guess there were reasons to make it like this - but pretty it aint.

Avatar image for struvokreborn

$1000 for a phone? they could at least take me out for a fancy dinner before they try to **** me like that

Avatar image for chippiez

@struvokreborn: If a thousand quid is big coin to you, maybe get a better job and stop working retail.

Avatar image for struvokreborn

@chippiez: does santa bring you a new iphone for christmas every year? you one of them mom's basement dwellers, or do you just have too much to spend but no sense of value or practicality?

first of all you dont know me and you are in no position to tell others what to do with their life. but im a pretty simple guy. i use my phone as a phone. you know, for talk and text. occasionally gps and maybe some music on the road or a photo once in a while. thats the extent of its use. but hey, with your kind of logic, why should i just spend a hundred bucks or so on some cheap android when i could spend ten times as much for one that will do the same job i need it to, but has all these extra features and stuff ill never care to use?

hey but the screen is a little bigger and prettier, and its got an apple logo on it. even though i'll never really see it because 99% of the time its in my pocket anyways and i have better things to be doing than having my head buried in front of some little screen all day.

no thanks. why spend that kind of money on overpriced chinese slave goods when i can just spend a hundred or so on some cheap android to do the exact same job and get the exact same use from as all these high end smartphones?

its not about the money. i could buy a nice stack of them right now. its about the practicality of it. i value every dollar that i work for, and to me personally i dont see the point of completely overspending on something like that just for a brand name and a whole bunch of extra features i'll never even use. i'd much rather just stick to buying cheap phones thatll last me years until it breaks or i lose it. then i go buy another. its as simple as that. i mean does this awesome new iphone have a basic headphone jack on it, or do i still have to go and buy some extra $60 adapter with an apple logo on it or whatever or some $160 earbuds oops i mean airpods kit with an apple logo on them just to get the basic headphone functionality that i would expect to get out of pretty much every other phone or multimedia device on the market at only a tiny fraction of the price? man, talk about basic functionality and delivering me an all in one device that can accomodate my needs with only one price tag!

but hey i guess in a couple years, these phones will have screens the size of my laptop. thats gonna be fun when 90% of its use is holding it next to my ear, and the rest of the time its in my pocket. cant wait to see what the price of that behemoth is gonna be. i mean hell, theyre already more expensive then the strix 2080 i threw in my desktop half a year ago and i thought i was getting boned pretty hard with those prices just for one piece of hardware

but yeah. maybe i'll just quit my job at retail or whatever and pony up on the latest shiniest phone next year, because it totally makes the most sense for my needs, and mostly because some twit on some message forum told me to. but i already have an ipod 6th gen and after dealing with itunes and all its bs for a while just to perform any petty little operation, ive came to the realisation that apple is simply just overpriced restrictive trash. no thanks, ill keep sticking with android, and if im ever at the point of my life where i just want to watch the world burn and i really feel the desire to flush a bunch of money down the toilet just to talk and text on a phone, then its samsung galaxy all the way.

to me $1000 for a phone is absurd when i'll get the same experience out of something for 1/10th of the price. so yeah if they expect me to go out and buy that, there better be some kind of incentive for me to want it. otherwise i'll just wait until my phone finally kicks the bucket or gets lost and buy a new one, and spend the other $900 on something more appealing and practical to me.

but im sure there is some kind of value in these things. just like all apple products. i mean to hell with the apple watch, they just put out a $1000 monitor stand the other month. its got an apple logo on it and thats where 90% of the cost lies. theres a whole lot of value there seeing as it probably cost some sweat shop in china a couple dollars to manufacture the damn thing before stamping a $950 logo on it. surely by now somebody would have bought one of these $1000 monitor stands and came rushing to apples defense whenever somebody questions apples business practices, telling people to quit their job at retail, and showing them where all the value is right? i think we've just found THAT guy.

Avatar image for chippiez

@struvokreborn: LOL. I must've hit a nerve, retail boy. Get back to work and join the fight for 15$/hr min. wage.

Avatar image for struvokreborn

@chippiez: Yeah, you're totally right on that. I'll get right on it and go petition to my local union right now and get that all sorted out. Then maybe one day I'll be able to buy some $1000 phone that I only need for phone calls and texts, and only then will my lifes decisions make sense to me.

My god what the hell was i thinking? I wouldnt want to be chastised by my peers if they found out that I'm the only one who doesnt bother to go out and buy the newest phone every year with the $300 apple logo on it, the slightly bigger screen, and the jacked up price tag. If i keep this up much longer the wife will surely leave me, the kid would be wishing we would have had an abortion, and most importantly, I would get expunged from the cool kids club.

You really showed me there and taught me the ways of life and the secret to success. I don't think that i've ever felt this inspired before. But i dont have much extra time on my hands to bury my head in front of some pretty little phone screen all day when I'm busy slaving away in front of the cash register for minimum wage at my retail job just to make my ends. So please excuse me while i turn in my 2 weeks notice over at Best Buy so I can follow in your footsteps and achieve my newfound ambition of moving into mom's basement and becoming a brand loyalist and successful internet troll.

Avatar image for dzimm

@struvokreborn: All Apple products are obscenely overpriced. You're paying for the brand, not the product.

Avatar image for mogan

@struvokreborn: Been that way for a couple years now. High end phones and high end graphics cards all cost about a grand + anymore.

Avatar image for gamer112696

@mogan: I personally would spend $1000 on a graphics card than a phone any day. Don’t need a $1000 device to text, call, and stream music lol

Avatar image for struvokreborn

@gamer112696: im in canada. gpu prices can get pretty crazy, and our money aint worth sh*t.

i had been checking nowinstock trackers for a while just trying to find a deal i could justify. after a few months of refreshing, and skipping through some mediocre black friday, boxing day, and new yearss pricing, i finally came upon a deal in february that i could be happy with rather than just being taken for a whole lot of extra money. i ended up getting $90 off my asus strix 2080 plus it came with metro exodus + battlefield 5 + anthem free from a newegg deal. it came to just over $1220 after shipping and tax, which was pretty decent for me. not exactly a steal, but it was kind of a workable deal for me because i got the card i wanted and i was going to buy metro and bf5 anyways so that might have saved me a bit.

i was like god damn thats probably the most ive ever paid for one piece of hardware, but my 980 just wasnt keeping up to the performance level im targetting and i was in dire need of an upgrade. didnt want any other aftermarket, i always tend to go with strix models because they are solid durable cards that run extremely cool and silent and can overclock quite well. and if this one holds up for a while, ill definately be going asus again when its time to make my next upgrade.

so yeah i was crazy enough to spend over a grand on a piece of computer hardware. not that our money is worth much. at the end of the day i guess to me it was worth it, despite overpaying for all this RTX stuff i dont particularilly care much for. im getting the kind of performance im after, so thats what matters to me. but i couldnt see myself spending that kind of money on a phone when all im ever gonna do with it is talk and text

but i guess the same could be said in reverse. why spend $1000 on a graphics card when you dont care much for gaming and all you would use it for is playing farmville on facebook and watching cat videos on youtube. in that case you'd be better off just buying some prebuilt pc at your local electronics store or whatever for half the price. different strokes for different folks and everyone has different needs and interests. thats really what it all comes down to.

Avatar image for saikowaifu2003

@gamer112696: Agreed! Unlike 1000 dollar phones, you can create much more value out of a 1000 dollar GPU.

Avatar image for Daian

Same old overpriced nonsense.

Avatar image for Terrorantula

1000 for a phone... lol no.

Avatar image for Sindroid

And this is important what?

Are Gamespot a tech blogger now? like as if there exist a few hundred sites like that already

Avatar image for mogan

@Sindroid: GameSpot covers entertainment and gaming adjacent news as well. Have for several years.

Avatar image for thomaswmak

@Sindroid: Well iOS is a legit gaming platform...So I treat it as a gaming hardware reveal. but Gamespot talks about movies and TVs nowadays so they probably didn't have a good rule anyway.