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Apple CEO Tim Cook Suggests Voting Via iPhone

Stating that America's current voting mechanisms are "arcane," Tim Cook said we should be looking for ways to modernize and raise participation.


Apple CEO Tim Cook says voting should be as easy as managing your bank account on your phone. In a recent interview, Cook criticized the restrictive Georgia voting law and suggested that technology could make the process much more streamlined.

Cook told the New York Times that the answer to restrictive voting practices may be something very different than current voting practices. He said that our current voting practices are "arcane" and the conversation on voting access should revolve more around modernizing it with new technology, like voting by phone.

"You know, I would dream of that, because I think that's where we live," Cook said. "We do our banking on phones. We have our health data on phones. We have more information on a phone about us than is in our houses. And so why not?"

The interview then turned to the potential negatives of a tech CEO advocating on political causes, which Cook said is "not something I want to do." But he still said he wants to maintain a stance on some of Apple's own policies which intersect with politics, like immigration, climate change, and job retraining.

Georgia's restrictive voting law has sparked a lot of discussion around voting rights, leading to proposals of boycotts and other states like New Jersey looking to capitalize on businesses moving away from the Peach State.

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