Apple Arcade Price And Release Date Confirmed, And It's Coming Very Soon

Apple revealed new details about its Arcade service, along with new game reveals.

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One of the major lingering questions about Apple Arcade was finally confirmed during Apple's September event this week. While we knew it was coming this year, we didn't know how much it would cost--one of the most critical aspects of a subscription service like this. Fortunately, the company shared new details regarding its all-you-can-eat Apple Arcade subscription service on Tuesday, and that included confirming a release date of September 19, and a price point of $4.99 per month. The company also announced it will have a free one-month trial, so you won't have to cough up any cash to check it out for yourself.

One subscription will allow a whole family to download and play the included games, which are compatible with not just iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, but Apple TV and MacBooks as well. The announcements came as part of a stage presentation where Apple also detailed a few of the exclusives coming to the service. Apple said it will have 100 games, more exclusives at launch than any other service, and a dedicated Arcade tab with new games added monthly.

The presentation showed off three exclusives, from Konami, Capcom, and Annapurna Interactive. Konami is bringing back Frogger with a new game developed by Q-Games. Frogger will use items like bombs to clear obstacles and can turn into a Super Frogger. Capcom debuted Shinsekai Into The Depths, an underwater exploration game. And Annapurna announced Sayonara Wild Hearts for the service.

After the event, we also learned about a bunch of additional Apple Arcade games that Apple curiously didn't discuss during the event. Among them is a new, strangely named game from Octopath Traveler's developer, but there's quite a bit more than that, and it's looking like a fairly nice lineup.

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Avatar image for dmblum1799

I've got the new Ipad on order (with cellular), so I'll get this. I have a half hour bus ride to work and the cost is less than trivial. There has to be at least a couple good games.

Avatar image for Ultramarinus

Cheapest maybe but also least value, most of them is shovelware.

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I've dropped my subscriptions to just Netflix w/4K ($18) and Xbox+PC GamePass Ultimate. Between that, and a handful of new Steam/GOG/Epic/PS4 releases, my backlog will stil never stop growing.

I can't imagine too many of these other newer services will still exist in 2022-2023.

...the only REAL sub news I'm waiting for is "Disney pulls all ESPN content off all providers other than Disney+"

You know, dramatic and suicidal. ;)

Avatar image for tlpina

Just like everything else Apple does. It's crap, but the sheep will buy it anyway.

2 years later, they still know it's crap, but now "they're invested in the ecosystem".

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@tlpina: thank you for summarizing my thoughts so succinctly. I may steal that for future conversations.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@supergamerbot: the best electronic journalism I've seen in some time now.

Avatar image for tlpina

@supergamerbot: You are welcome! Happy to be of service.

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Apple china clone: 50mps, 2k screen 8gig ram, 1tb, 7 inch screen.

Apple: 6.5 inch screen, 256 gig 2k screen, 6gig, 12mp camera 3 way.

Avatar image for nikolistary

Wow. Frogger. Cool........

Avatar image for dmblum1799

The new ipad, for the computing power you get, is really cheap. And you get a free year of Apple TV. Pretty accessible.

Avatar image for moscowmitchservesnotrussia


Ehh on par with others. Just paying a premium for apple's name.

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

@moscowmitchservesnotrussia: and build quality.. it’s like being annoyed a Porsche costs more than a golf. People will pay more for style if they can

Avatar image for nikolistary

@rodoxthedark: What style are you referring to exactly? An iPad and a Surface look identical; both are ultra-thin plastic and glass tablets.

The only "style" that Apple has anymore is its logo. The world has since caught up to--and lapped continuously--Apple and their 'style'.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@nikolistary: apple has built brand royalty around it's model and so far the "electronic jewerly" business model has paid off. Some great streamline and having a urban tribe of hipsters behind can carry them far, and they added quality to boot.

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

@nikolistary: the style that all the company’s your talking about copied... anyway it’s hard to explain how nice Apple products are to use to someone who has refused to use them on a daily basis. Android stuff just doesn’t perform as nicely and doesn’t feel as nice. I’m not trying to argue I’m just stating my view. It will always come down to choice. But I personally don’t mind paying extra for a quality product. And Apple products have felt leagues better to me than any of the other laptop/tablets/and phones

Avatar image for nikolistary

@rodoxthedark: Funny you say that, as I have been a hardcore Apple fanboy for 10 years. It was when I became an architect that I had no use for Apple products anymore. Their OS are very designer-prohibitive. Ever seen a game developed on a Mac? How about a PC? There ya go. I literally couldn't do my job with an Apple product. Windows I could.

Apple does a lot of things well but let's not put them on a pedestal. While their devices could be seen as 'sexy jewelry' they're simply glass and plastic squares. That's all. Their devices don't offer an entire world of software. They've never had expandable memory (and probably never will), they never experiment with VR. I could go on and on and on. The ONE thing that puzzles me to no end is that iOS DOES have native PS4 Remote Play support whereas Android still doesn't (a crime against nature as Sony's Xperia phones run natively on Android).

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2019/2020… the year(s) of mainstream subscription-based gaming services.


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Yeah I have no interest and even less in this one