Apple Arcade Adds Five More Games, Including RPG From Threes Dev

Headlined by a YA novel-style fantasy set in modern day.


Apple promised 100 games for Apple Arcade during its launch window, and the service has been slowly building to that number with regular weekly releases. This week brings another six games, including the latest release from Threes developer Asher Vollmer.

The new releases this week include UFO on Tape: First Contact, Sociable Soccer, Discolored, Marble It Up: Mayhem, and Guildlings. That last game is the game from Vollmer and Sirvo Studios, promising a YA novel-like setting of fantasy turn-based combat against a magical realist environment.

UFO on Tape has you speed through environments with your phone camera looking for evidence of aliens. Sociable Soccer is part soccer, part management sim, while Discolored is a puzzle adventure that has you restoring the color to a black-and-white world. Finally, Marble It Up has you roll a marble through intricate levels brimming with ramps and obstacles.

Apple Arcade is Apple's gaming subscription service, promising all-you-can-eat games for $5 per month, without in-app purchases or F2P hooks. If you need more recommendations, check out some of our favorite picks on the service. Meanwhile if you're an Android user, you can check out the similarly priced Google Play Pass.

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