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Apparent Amiibo Manufacturing Error Gives Marth Two Swords

[UPDATE] Amiibo heads to eBay.

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[UPDATE] As suspected, the owner of the dual-wielding Marth Amiibo is now selling the collector's item on eBay. You can bid on the item at the auction page here.

The original story is below.

First there was a Samus Aran Amiibo with two arm cannons. Then a Princess Peach with no legs. Now, what appears to be another Amiibo manufacturing error has come to light.

A reader sent us an image of a Marth Amiibo with two swords and no sheath. Marth is only supposed to have one sword and one sheath, as you can see in the official, Nintendo-prepared image below.

This is what the Marth Amiibo should look like
This is what the Marth Amiibo should look like

We've seen multiple images and three videos that seem to suggest that this Marth Amiibo is a bonafide manufacturing blunder, and not someone trying to pull a fast one on us.

We're also told that the toy remains factory sealed, something we concluded was true after seeing videos that seemed to show the box had not been tampered with.

Of course, this is the Internet, and nothing is ever absolutely 100 percent.

This rumored Amiibo manufacturing error is particularly noteworthy because it's the first we've ever seen of this kind of mistake. As such, it could become a valuable collector's item, just like the legless Prince Peach Amiibo that sold for over $25,000 earlier this week.

If there's enough interest around the dual-wielding Marth Amiibo, expect it to show up for sale on eBay, the reader told us. Marth could end up proving to be a true rarity, as some reports are coming in that the character may have already been discontinued by Nintendo.

Nintendo's Skylanders-style Amiibo line was released in late November alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The toys have been top-sellers, shifting some 700,000 units in ten days, and that's just for the United States. The most popular Amiibo so far is Link, from the Legend of Zelda series.

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