Apocalyptica E3 2003 Preshow Report

This brooding action title from Konami's new European development studio will make its presence felt at E3 2003.



One of the games Konami will be presenting at E3 2003 will be Apocalyptica, a team-based third-person action game currently in development at Extreme FX. The game's plot is set in a postapocalyptic future where the dark lord Satan has been resurrected as Neo-Satan and has taken control of Earth, renaming it Nu-Hades. The remnants of the human race have been enslaved or have fled to distant parts of the universe. You will take control of one of four technologically advanced and extremely religious soldiers and infiltrate Neo-Satan's strongholds to try and free the world from his evil grasp.

Apocalyptica is a team-based game, so as you play, you will guide a group of three other soldiers. You will have three different types of attacks with which to battle Neo-Satan's minions, including firearms, melee weapons, and spellcasting abilities. Team-based quests will be combined with loads of free-roaming action and challenging combat against the armies of Neo-Satan. In addition to the single-player mode, the Xbox version of Apocalyptica will feature Xbox Live support, letting up to eight players go at each other in deathmatches or team up for online missions. The press materials provided did not go into specifics about the PC version's online functionality, but online modes that are similar to those in the Xbox version are expected.

Apocalyptica is set to be released in September for the PC and November for the Xbox. Expect more coverage of Apocalyptica in the coming weeks.

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