Apocalyptica announced for the Xbox

Konami of Europe announces that this futuristic action game will be its first to support Xbox Live. First screens inside.



Konami of Europe has today confirmed that Apocalyptica, which was announced for the PC in January, will also be released for the Xbox. The futuristic action game will be the first from Konami of Europe to support online play for up to eight combatants via Xbox Live.

Apocalyptica is set in a bleak future when Earth has become a battleground for the forces of heaven and hell, and humankind has been forced to flee the planet and establish new colonies in the farthest reaches of the universe. After manifesting himself on Earth and subsequently being destroyed by the Lord's wrath a number of millennia ago, Satan has been reborn from the flames as Neo-Satan and has once again set about building himself a great army. Players can choose to assume the role of a soldier embarking on a quest for liberation, or to side with the dark lord and fight alongside the forces of evil. Whichever path they choose, players will be able to select their own character and three teammates from a cast of 16 for each faction.

Apocalyptica's story-driven gameplay will combine exploration and combat, and each character in the game will be equipped with both projectile and melee weaponry. Certain characters in the game will also be able to employ magic spells to counter enemy attacks.

The PC version of Apocalyptica is currently scheduled for release in September, and the Xbox version will follow shortly after. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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