Apex Legends: Where To Get The Kraber Sniper Rifle And Mastiff Shotgun

Get yourself the very best guns.

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Apex Legends and other battle royale games drop you onto a huge map with nothing, forcing you to search for weapons to use against other players so you can be the last surviving team. Making the best of whatever you find is a huge part of the formula, as is seeking out the best gear you can find and using it to get an advantage over other players.

It's possible to occasionally find specially outfitted, top-tier versions of all the common guns in Apex Legends, which come decked out with level four attachments, the best you can find, but those guns are exceedingly rare. And then there are what many consider to be the two best guns in the game: the Kraber sniper rifle and the Mastiff shotgun. These two top-tier guns are super rare, and exceedingly powerful.

The Kraber, a 50-caliber sniper, comes with a high-zoom scope and is capable of dropping players with low-level gear with a single well-placed headshot. The Mastiff, on the other hand, fires a spread of shots in a horizontal line that can knock out multiple enemies at once. Both do more damage than other guns in Apex Legends, but they come with certain handicaps to make up for their power. For instance, both guns only have a certain amount of shots when you find them, and it's impossible to restock; once they're empty, they're useless.

The other thing that cuts back on the power of the Kraber and Mastiff is that they're really tough to find. Unlike the other guns scattered throughout the map, though, the Kraber and Mastiff can be found in one specific place--supply drops.

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Throughout any given match, you'll hear the announcer in Apex Legends call out orbital supply drops descending onto the map. These pods always contain three pieces of loot, and often they're of pretty high quality. Late in a match, there's a good chance these drops will contain a Kraber or a Mastiff. It's not a guarantee, but the longer a match goes on, the greater the chance you'll come across one of these guns.

Note that the world supply drops are different from Lifeline's care packages she can call in with her Ultimate ability. Those supply drops look similar but only carry defensive items, and never weapons. If you want the Mastiff and the Kraber, you'll need to track down supply drops that all players can see, so it's likely you'll have to fight for them.

To pick up a supply drop, listen for the announcer to call them out, then open your map. The approximate area of the drop is marked with small blue circles. When a supply drop lands, you'll see it marked by a blue column of light that shoots up into the sky. The blue light remains until someone opens the drop, so if you come across one, you'll be able to tell if anyone has messed with it from a distance.

Going after supply drops is dangerous, but necessary if you want some of the best loot in the game--which can definitely help you make it to the final few squads and even take home a championship. The Kraber and Mastiff are always worth grabbing, but it's worth spending a little time messing around with them in the tutorial so you know how they handle once you find them. The Kraber is a bolt-action gun that fires very slowly, for instance, while getting a sense of the difference between the Mastiff's hip-fire spread and its tighter grouping when aiming down sights will be essential when you get into a close-range battle.

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