Apex Legends' Wattson Can Apparently Play Games On Her Heirloom

The cute animations on Wattson's Energy Reader are pretty meta.


Apex Legends' Wattson has finally got her Heirloom, the Energy Reader, as part of the recent Raiders Collection Event. The weapon's unique animations are shining a light on the static defender's nerdy side, showing her playing a handful of low-res games on the device.

While Wattson's Energy Reader is wielded as a kind of taser-style melee weapon, it's designed to look like a tool, with a small screen showing a movement-tracking radar display that is unfortunately just aesthetic. While some fans aren't a fan of the Heirloom's utilitarian design, the weapon seems to call back to pop culture icons like the motion tracker from Aliens, or Ghostbusters' P.K.E. Meter.

What's more, the Heirloom suggests Wattson might be a gamer herself, with a couple of the item's animations showing her playing games on the screen. A video by YouTuber Dazs shows all the possible animations for the weapon, including one that shows Wattson cuddling with a large-sized Nessie plush.

In one of the game-like animations, Wattson interacts with a Tamagotchi version of her beloved Nessie, feeding the virtual pet. Another shows a brief run in a bullet hell style game, complete with attacking a boss-type creature at the end. Both are just animations, rather than actual interactive games, but it's a nice detail for the tech-loving character

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