Apex Legends Voidwalker Event Introduces Limited-Time Sniper/Shotgun Only Mode

This event has a cool, animated short as well.


The newest limited-time event in Apex Legends has begun. Called Voidwalker, the event will only last a few weeks (similar to Iron Crown) and it introduces a new town takeover, limited-time mode, and additional in-game challenges.

In Iron Crown, Octane took over the small settlement outside Thunderdome and transformed it into a skate park complete with launch pads, ramps, and a ring of fire. Likewise, in Voidwalker, a portion of King's Canyon has transformed. If you drop at the base camp behind Hydro Dam, you'll now find the remains of the mysterious facility where Wraith was once held captive.

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Or at least, where one Wraith was held captive. As discovered through a brand-new animated short (embedded below), we learn that the Wraith we play as in Apex Legends is actually from another world. She escapes to this one through a portal, her counterpart taking her place in order to find the answers she seeks in the alternate reality. The counterpart's appearance can be unlocked as a new Legendary skin for Wraith during the Voidwalker event.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding the new map change. Just look for the giant Wraith-like portal that extends into the sky. Falling into the portal will teleport you directly into the facility for a faster drop. Once inside, you can exit through the front door or head back through the portal to redeploy back into the sky. In the facility, you can find additional Apex Legends lore details as well. Although we haven't found any yet, we imagine there are a few Crypto-themed clues to be discovered--considering, based on the aforementioned animated short, it looks like the hacker aids Wraith in getting into the facility (his insignia pops up when she injects a flashdrive into the computer) and recent leaks suggest he'll be the new Legend that comes in Season 3.

Instead of the return of Solos, Voidwalker introduces a brand-new limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous. In it, loot is much harder to find and the only weapons you can discover are shotguns and sniper rifles. In a press release, Respawn wrote that it plans on rolling out these type of limited-time modes more often between season changes. Voidwalker, like Iron Crown, also adds limited-time, thematic challenges to complete and rewards to earn.

Voidwalker continues until September 17, so you only have until then to participate in Armed and Dangerous, complete the event's challenges, and unlock the limited-time rewards like the Legendary Wraith skin. However, the Wraith town takeover is likely permanent, given that Octane's skate park remained after Iron Crown ended, though, both town takeovers may disappear with the massive map change planned for Season 3.

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