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Apex Legends' Vantage Is Already Breaking The Rules

The ranged weapon aficionado recently appealed a ruling regarding use of her furry familiar in the ring.


Apex Legends revealed its newest character earlier this week, and she's already causing trouble. Based on a recent tweet from Respawn, it seems Vantage has broken a rule from the official Apex Games rulebook. The rule in question is described as "Rule #13: Unauthorized Instruments" and regards the use of pets in the Apex Games.

Based on the information in the appeal form, this is Vantage's second appeal regarding the issue with her furry friend. The pet in question is Echo, the bat-like creature that befriended Vantage--and saved her life--after an accident on her home planet nearly killed her. The two have been inseparable ever since, but apparently, having pets in the ring is against the rules.

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The "no pets" rule comes as a surprise to many players, as Bloodhound's raven, Artur, has been a mainstay of the game since its debut in 2019. Vantage zeroes in on this fact in her appeal, mentioning Bloodhound in the first paragraph. She's scribbled out the entire paragraph and rewritten it, but the original version reads:

“I am asking for another appeal because Echo is not my pet on the battlefield. Sure, I’ve named an animal and I feed it treats for doing the things I want, but Echo is closer to that “non-combatant technology” classification you gave to DOC and NEWT. Echo will be assisting me while I hunt down and dominate my opponents. Like I mentioned earlier, Ajay Che talks to DOC like a pet, Dr. Mary Sommers talks to NEWT like a pet, but both of them use their respective “pets” to assist them during the Games. Plus, Echo wears a little backpack so that kind of makes him part machine too.”

The last point may not be entirely valid. (The cat in Stray has a backpack, but that doesn't make him robotic.) Vantage seems to have come to the same conclusion, and has scratched out the original paragraph, instead opting to focus on Bloodhound and Artur in her next attempt at penning the appeal:

“Bloodhound has a raven! This is actually my new reason that I am asking you to reconsider your decision, and allow Echo to enter the Apex Games with me. Bloodhound’s flying pet is mean and bullies other legends like Pathfinder. Echo is nice! Well, usually. It’d be unfair to block Echo because of an unfortunate and out of character attack on another prospect during a tryout match. Echo was confused, as we all were, by the contestant’s bushy eyebrows! They looked like grubs. And he likes to eat grubs. (Can you blame him? They’re great.) If you want me in the Games, Echo comes with me. I await your response.”

The appeal reveals quite a bit of interesting information about Vantage, the Outlands, and the Games themselves. For one, the Apex Games have actual rules, which comes as a bit of a surprise because one would think that murdering another competitor on live television and stealing their spot in the Games might be against the rules. Then again, maybe murderbots get special treatment.

Echo saved Vantage's life by alerting her mother to her location after she received an injury.
Echo saved Vantage's life by alerting her mother to her location after she received an injury.

Another interesting bit of info (besides the fact that Vantage's tiny, adorable sidekick has a tiny, adorable backpack) is Vantage's name. In her episode of Stories from the Outlands, Vantage's mother, Xenia, calls her Mara. But the appeal form reveals Vantage's full name is actually Xiomara, with Mara used as an affectionate nickname by her mother. Appropriately, the name Xiomara means "battle-ready" in Spanish. Her mother Xenia's name means "foreigner" or "outlander"--a perfect name for someone who lives in a place called The Outlands.

It's no surprise that Xiomara is having trouble sticking to the rules--after all, she was raised to follow only one rule: survive. But the appeal's mention of a bushy-eyebrowed competitor is intriguing. Who is this person? Could they play a part in Apex's plot down the road? Why are their eyebrows so bushy? Find out when Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted launches on August 9.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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