Apex Legends Update Nerfs Spitfire And Bocek Bow, Fixes Bugs

A minor Apex Legends update is live, and it significantly nerfs both the Spitfire and the Bocek Bow, as well as stomping some bugs.


Apex Legends has rolled out a new update on all platforms, and it nerfs both the LMG Spitfire and the new marksman weapon, the Bocek Bow. It also fixes a number of bugs, including a "ghost rock" on Phase Runner that lacked collision, so players were hiding in it to troll their enemies.

According to the patch notes linked in the tweet below, the Spitfire's per bullet damage was decreased from 19 to 18, and its max mag size was decreased to 50. The Bocek Bow's body shot damage was decreased from 70 to 60, its charge up time was increased slightly, and both its stack size and inventory slot count were significantly decreased.

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Respawn live balance designer John Larson said on Twitter that the team behind the game knew that the Bocek had the potential to be a bit overpowered, but they decided to have it deal 70 damage so players would give it a chance. Larson also stated that the Spitfire nerf is part of an ongoing effort to make the game's LMG's feel distinct from assault rifles, and that the Spitfire was simply a bit overpowered at the moment.

This new update comes on the heels of the game's Season 9, titled Legacy. Though Season 9: Legacy brought many interesting changes to Apex, it also suffered from a number of serious issues, particularly its server stability at launch (but it's since been fixed). Legacy introduced a new character to the game, Valkyrie, as well as a 3v3 deathmatch mode called Arenas.

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