Apex Legends' Sun Squad Event Introduces Swimwear Skins and Ash's Heirloom

A new LTM that causes sunlight to inflict damage on players will go live alongside the Collection Event.


Just two days after bringing the previous Collection Event to a close, Respawn is at it again with a trailer for yet another new Apex Legends event: The Sun Squad Collection Event. Complete with beach-themed cosmetics, a creative new LTM, and a long-awaited Heirloom Weapon, the Sun Squad Collection Event is sure to make a splash when it arrives next week.

Loba fans will be happy to hear that the rumors are true: Loba's getting a somewhat revealing swimwear skin. Although it's not especially scandalous by today's standards, players who admire Loba's appearance will certainly enjoy the new skin. But Loba is far from the only legend to get new swimwear--as seen in today's Sun Squad Collection Event trailer, 24 new swimwear-themed cosmetics will be available for purchase, giving legends like Mirage and even Ash a summery new look.

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Speaking of Ash, players who collect all 24 cosmetics will unlock her Heirloom Weapon Set, called "Strongest Link." But unlike the last two events, Respawn will not be giving out two free Thematic Packs via the free rewards track, nor will players receive a discount when crafting items--players who want to get their hands on Ash's Heirloom Weapon will have to craft and/or purchase the entire collection at full price.

Despite the lack of Thematic Packs, the Sun Squad free reward track does contain a few nice items, like a new music pack, Bangalore legend skin, and standard Apex Pack. Additionally, players who really want to impress in the ring can take advantage of several cosmetic bundles that will be on sale during the event. Be sure to check back each week!

But cosmetics aren't the only thing that can make you stand out from the competition--if you really want to show off, test out your skills in the new LTM, Heatwave. The concept of Heatwave is quite simple: It's hot. So hot, in fact, that merely stepping into the sunlight will deal regular damage, just like being outside of the ring. This new twist on the standard battle royale mode will no doubt make things interesting--popular POIs will be empty, most combat will likely occur indoors and at close range (if you want to avoid chaos, now is a good time to sharpen up your sniping skills at the Firing Range).

Heatwave also has an ever-shrinking ring that will damage you even more if you're also taking damage from the sun. While players can technically go outside, they must find shade as quickly as possible or be burnt to a crisp. There are also a few other ways to cool down: Sliding will keep legends from overheating while rotating into the new POI. But if all seems lost, players can always pop a Heat Shield. In Heatwave matches, Heat Shields are far larger than normal, but the downside is that they are damaged easily in the sun, and don't last nearly as long as usual.

Heat Shield is the name of both Mirage's favorite SPF and the ones Wattson invented to protect players from the ring.
Heat Shield is the name of both Mirage's favorite SPF and the ones Wattson invented to protect players from the ring.

One last method to keep from overheating is apparently forthcoming, but Respawn has remained vague about what kind of game mechanic could achieve this. According to Respawn's Sun Squad blog post, players ought to "Keep an eye out for Care Packages, but declined to give any more hints, adding, "Perhaps there lies another way to mitigate the effects of the sun and look cool while doing it. But you’ll need to jump into the mode on March 28 to find out more."

Curious indeed. The trailer depicts Care Packages dropping with pairs of sunglasses inside, so it's likely that a pair of shades will work just as well as actual shade when it comes to surviving Heatwace

There's no telling what Respawn devs currently have up their sleeves, but between the beachy (and somewhat amusing) cosmetics, a new LTM, and the hype surrounding Ash's Heirloom Weapon, the Sun Squad Collection Event is sure to shine bright when it hits Apex Legends next Tuesday, March 28 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Be sure to complete your free reward track before the sun fades for good when the event ends on April 11.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available to play on Android and iOS devices, but will be sunset on May 1.

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