Apex Legends Stickers: Prices, Odds, And More

Don't worry, these new cosmetics aren't diluting the loot pool.


Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse launched earlier this week, bringing a new cosmetic item to the game: Stickers. Stickers can be applied to healing items like Shield Cells and Phoenix kits, but they aren't your average loot item, and they function differently from all of Apex's other cosmetic items. Unlike other cosmetic types--from legend skins to holosprays--stickers are not part of the "evergreen" loot pool.

This means that--at least for the moment--you won't be unlocking any stickers via standard Apex Packs, so if you're not a sticker fan, you don't need to worry about their presence diluting the loot pool. Currently, there's no option for purchasing stickers individually, but you can get some free ones. In fact, you already have them. Keep reading for a complete guide to Apex's new sticker feature.

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Apex Legends stickers

As mentioned above, you can't get stickers from standard Apex Packs, but you also can't buy them individually. To get your hands on these new cosmetics, you'll need to buy a special type of Apex Pack to unlock a random sticker from the current sticker series. These are called Sticker Thematic Packs, and can be found in the in-game store for 300 Apex Coins ($3).

There are a total of 20 stickers in Series 001, many of which feature cartoon versions of the legends. Many of these are sourced from Respawn lead animator Moy Parra's popular ToonCraft YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads 2D animated shorts featuring the legends in humorous situations.

Though some Thematic Sticker Packs may earn you more than one sticker, they're only guaranteed to contain one. The other two items may be drawn from the standard loot pool. See the image below for a full explanation of the items you can unlock and what kind of odds you're looking at.

Sticker Thematic Pack odds
Sticker Thematic Pack odds

As you can see, the only way to unlock all 20 stickers from Series 001 is by purchasing 20 Thematic Sticker Packs. Once you've collected all 20 stickers, opening any remaining Thematic Sticker Packs will instantly refund the 300 Apex Coins you spent to purchase it. Series 001 contains the following sticker designs (all of which are Epic-tier cosmetics):

  • Horizon
  • Loba holding Revenant's head (likely a nod to her recently released Heirloom Weapon)
  • Wattson
  • Wraith (who appears to be cackling for reasons unknown)
  • Revenant holding the slingshot he used to murder a Nessie balloon)
  • A very adorable prowler (the animal, not the gun)
  • Lifeline's healing drone, DOC
  • Bloodhound holding their Raven's Bite Heirloom Weapon
  • Mirage doing his best "paint me like one of your French girls" pose
  • A defaced champion symbol that reads, "You are NOT the Champion"
  • Crypto's face with text that reads, "Off the Grid"
  • Nessie sitting in front of a rainbow and hugging the letters "GG"
  • Octane holding a Stim syringe
  • Nessie sitting on a pile of deathboxes and wearing a kill leader crown
  • Loba hugging a deathbox and winking
  • A gold kill leader symbol
  • Revenant lurking behind Pathfinder (and likely plotting to pop the MRVN's purple balloon)
  • Valkyrie reducing someone to dust via her VTOL Jets
  • Mirage using a Shield Battery while on fire (a clear reference to the "this is fine" meme)
  • Wattson wearing a Nessie costume and clapping gleefully
All 20 stickers included in the first Sticker Pack Series
All 20 stickers included in the first Sticker Pack Series

But you don't need to buy a Thematic Sticker Pack to decorate your healing items. In fact, you don't even need to buy the Eclipse battle pass to get your hands on some stickers, because you already have two of them.

To access the sticker menu (and your free stickers), select the "Loadout" tab at the top of the main lobby screen. From there, select the "More" option (which will appear under the "Loadout" tab once you select it). This will take you to a customization hub for non-weapon cosmetics, like music packs, skydive trails, and transition screens. The entire left side of the screen is devoted to stickers, with a separate section for each type of healing item they can be applied to. Select any healing item, and you'll be met with a page containing every sticker you've unlocked.

Currently, there are only two free stickers available: "Deathbox" and "Shattered." These are baked into the Season 15 update, so all you have to do is equip them, no unlocking necessary.

At the moment, Sticker Series 001 is available for purchase, and will remain in the store until November 22. It's unclear if these stickers will ever return to the shop after that date, though the pack's name implies Respawn may have hundreds of sticker packs planned for the future.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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