Apex Legends' Server-Crashing Exploit Has Been Fixed, Crafting Is Reenabled

Crafting has been reenabled, just in time for the Winter Circuit Last Chance Qualifiers, which start March 19.


Update: Respawn has fixed the exploit causing Apex Legends servers to crash. With the exploit fixed, crafting has been reenabled.

Our original story follows.

In an effort to curb a server-crashing exploit in Apex Legends, developer Respawn has temporarily disabled crafting in the game. This means that replicators and materials are currently unavailable.

In a tweet, Respawn writes that crafting is disabled across all playlists. "We will turn crafting back on after we're able to finish testing our planned fix," the developer said. "Stay tuned."

In a follow-up tweet, Apex Legends lead product manager Eric Hewitt added that Respawn is attempting to resolve the exploit as quickly as possible so that crafting can be reenabled by this weekend, which sees the start of the Winter Circuit Last Chance Qualifiers.

"We're working as quickly as we can to get this all resolved for this weekend, and I have faith," Hewitt says.

Crafting has been a major part of Apex Legends in-match meta since its introduction in Season 6: Boosted. Opening special caches or loot bins around the map allows you to collect materials, which can then be spent at replicators to craft armor upgrades, items, ammo, and weapon attachments. In a pinch, crafting can prepare you for your next fight or outfit a recently respawned teammate with basic gear.

Apex Legends is in the midst of Season 8: Mayhem. The game is available for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and (most recently) Switch. In GameSpot's Apex Legends Switch review, I wrote, "I did have moments of fun playing Apex Legends on Switch. Panic Button has managed to take a game that I love and make it work just well enough on Nintendo's hybrid console. I don't want to keep playing it on Switch with its many technical concessions (nor do I want new players to be introduced to Apex Legends this way), but this port is--in its current state--a decent last resort. If your only way to play Apex Legends is on Switch, then you now have that option. Just know that you're signing up for something less than ideal."

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