Apex Legends Season 9's New Character, Valkyrie, Has A Lot Of Abilities

Apex Legends Legacy introduces Valkyrie, a new recon character that uses her jetpack to gather intel and attack from above.


At a hands-on event for Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, I got a chance to try out the new playable character, Valkyrie. I jotted down her abilities--turns out, she has five.

Her first ability comes from her class. As a recon legend, Valkyrie can hack into survey beacons to reveal future ring locations. On top of that, she also has her three unique passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities, which are listed below.

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Valkyrie's Character Abilities

  • Passive: VTOL Jets - Press [jump] while in the air to engage jetpack. You can switch between hold and toggle mode in the options menu.
  • Tactical: Missile Swarm - Fire a swarm of mini-rockets which damage and disorient the enemy
  • Ultimate: Skyward Dive - Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valkyrie to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive.

Alongside those four abilities, Valkyrie has another "skydive" passive, an ability that activates while she's skydiving, whether it's the initial drop, a redeploy, or her Skyward Dive ultimate. While skydiving, Valkyrie highlights the position of any and all enemies within her sightline, revealing their position to her squadmates--it's very similar to Crypto's Neurolink. So yeah, five abilities in total.

Apex Legends Legacy starts May 4. Alongside the addition of Valkyrie, Legacy will also add a brand-new, permeant team deathmatch mode called Arenas, as well as the Bocek Compound Bow. The season also sees the Peacekeeper return to ground loot. Several characters are getting buffs or nerfs too--Lifeline is getting a much-needed adjustment, as noted in the Apex Legends Season 9 patch notes.

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