Apex Legends Season 8 Launch Trailer Hints At Fuse's Abilities And Kings Canyon Changes

Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy makes an explosive entrance into the Apex Games, utilizing heavy ordnance to save a crowd from a terrorist attack.


Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem is nearly upon us, and Respawn Entertainment has shared the launch trailer to drum up excitement. The new season feature a brand-new character who has an affinity for explosives, and there are a number of other changes expected, as well.

The new trailer shows the lead character, Walter "Fuse" Fitzroy with a surprisingly heroic streak, interceding to save a crowd being attacked by his ex-friend and former fellow freedom fighter Maggie--the falling out of which was seen in a previous trailer. In the trailer, we may be able to see Fuse use some of his abilities, which would be par for the course as these launch trailers typically tease the passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities of upcoming legends.

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For instance, in the trailer, we see Fuse pick up and run with a damaged MRVN, which may hint at a passive abilities to lift and run with downed teammates. Though, admittedly, we see Lifeline do the same with a small girl, so perhaps this guess is a bit of a stretch. At the start of the trailer, we see Fuse utilize the mortar launcher seen in his promo art, which looks to fire the same sort of missiles that were falling in the last limited-time event--they stuck in the ground but would explode into circular rings of fire when shot. Finally, at the very end of the trailer, Fuse fires what looks like a grenade from his prosthetic arm. When he shoots it, it explodes into many smaller explosions like a cluster grenade, something that looks a lot like what may be his tactical ability. His abilities seem focused around aggressive area denial--similar to Season 6's Rampart--so perhaps Fuse is a new Defender legend.

But, again, none of that is confirmed. Respawn has yet to officially reveal the new legend's abilities. We can be a little more definitive in the upcoming map changes to Kings Canyon though. As seen in the trailer, the ship that Fuse was riding in on crashes near where Artillery is. The subsequent explosions destroy the canyon walls beyond the landmark. Folks who have been to the northern part of Kings Canyon know that's where the waterfalls are, so when Season 8 starts, we're likely to see a crater where Artillery once stood and for the surrounding areas--like Slum Lakes, The Pit, and Containment--to be partially or completely flooded.

Guess we'll find out soon, as Season 8 starts on February 2. Alongside Fuse and the map changes to Kings Canyon, the new season will also add a brand-new weapon, a bolt-action rifle called the 30-30 Repeater. You can actually see Fuse use it in the trailer--he fires it at the grenade that he flings from his prosthetic arm. Apex Legends is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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