Apex Legends Season 7's New Battle Pass Is A Frustrating Grind

Players are sounding off about how much time it takes to level up.


Apex Legends Season 7 launched this week, and players are already frustrated with the new battle pass. They've found that it's far more difficult to level up now than it was in previous seasons.

"Overall this feels quite unrewarding," said Redditor looseygoosey11. "I don't think I'll have the time to max the battle pass this season and now I don't even really want to try. I honestly regret this purchase which is the first time that's happened for me and the battle pass."

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Respawn has implemented a new "battle star" system where players need to collect stars, which can be earned through challenges and playing regularly, in order to level up. Players need to earn 10 stars in order to level up, but stars are difficult to earn. When they are earned, they give players a fraction of the progress they received in previous seasons--one level in Season 7 takes the same amount of experience as four levels did in Season 6.

Players are upset as they've already purchased the battle pass, so they don't believe it should take so much time to unlock the rewards included in it.

Battle passes in other battle royales have become more time-consuming as well. Fortnite's Season 4 battle pass has pushed players to find ways to earn experience while leaving their characters to idle in certain modes.

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