Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Showcases Horizon's Abilities, New Map, And Trident Vehicle

If you haven't yet completed the battle pass for Season 6: Boosted, you're running out of time--Season 7: Ascension is about to begin.


Respawn has released the launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension. Adding new playable character Horizon, Season 7 begins on November 4. We get to see a lot of the brand-new content coming to the season in the trailer, so let's break it down.

Let's start with Horizon, Season 7's new character. We still don't have confirmation on her abilities yet, but we can look to the Season 7 launch trailer for clues--Respawn has traditionally left hints to a new character's abilities in these trailers.

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At 2:16, Horizon throws out a device that launches Crypto, Bangalore, and Bloodhound into the air, which makes them easy to shoot down. Then, at 2:43, she uses the massive device on her back to create a black hole-like vortex that drags Octane, Wattson, and Wraith together and makes them an easy kill with a single grenade. Finally, immediately following that at 2:47, Horizon gracefully descends onto the battlefield, seemingly unaffected (and possibly even reinvigorated if her dialogue is any indication) from falling down from such a high height. All three instances match (and subsequently seemingly support) the datamined leaks for Horizon's tactical, ultimate, and passive abilities.

But that's not all we see in the trailer. In fact, the big standout is our first official look at Olympus, Apex Legends' third map. Taking place in a city in the sky, Olympus imposes different types of environmental hazards in comparison to Kings Canyon and World's Edge. See those pockets of seemingly nothingness? An accidental misstep on Olympus might mean a quick fall to your death.

Olympus is located on the home planet of Lifeline and Octane--first hinted as the new map for Apex Legends in the final chapter of Quest in Season 5: Fortune's Favor. Octane clearly has no desire to return home--it's implied something really bad happened to him and Lifeline, beyond their falling out when he irresponsibly blew off his own legs to beat a race record--but we still don't know what happened. Perhaps Season 7 will supply those answers.

As the largest map to be added to Apex Legends, Respawn has included a new way for players to get around: the Trident. That's right: a vehicle is coming to Apex Legends. You can actually see the three-seater hovercraft in the Season 7 launch trailer. The Trident looks to be pretty fast, offering a way for whole squads to cover a lot of ground without the use of an Octane Launch Pad, Pathfinder Zipline, or Wraith Dimensional Rift. The vehicle looks fairly brittle though--Rampart is able to nearly destroy a Trident with a single charged Sentinel shot. Granted, the Sentinel packs a punch, but the Season 7 trailer makes it seem like the Trident will only work as a reliable form of transportation when outside of combat.

There are a few more changes coming to Season 7 that weren't in the launch trailer. The season adds a new battle pass and ranked season. Season 7 will also add Clubs to Apex Legends--allowing you to easily find a group to play with, even across platforms--and also brings the battle royale game to Steam. Already playing Apex Legends on PC through Origin? Don't worry, your progress will carry over if you want to now play on Steam.

Apex Legends is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game is coming to Switch, but not until 2021. No plans for next-gen have been announced, but with both Xbox Series X|S and PS5 coming out soon, we imagine that Respawn may reveal something in the near future.

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