Apex Legends Season 6: New Character Rampart Announced

A cinematic trailer shows off the new legend battling it out.


Respawn has announced Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted, alongside a new character, Rampart. The colorful Boosted cinematic trailer shows the new legend in action and teases a ton of content coming in the new season.

The trailer plays in reverse, showing off a number of possible new features, like a shield wall that Bangalore can be seen shooting through. It also shows Rampart using a gatling turret, which is named Sheila. The turret could be Rampart's ultimate ability. The battle takes place at the Drill Site, just outside the Dome, showing a large Hammond Spaceship in the middle of the area.

Season 6: Boosted will feature a new battle pass, including new legendary skins and the brand-new Holo-Sprays. It also introduces a crafting mechanic, the Volt SMG, and a brand new ranked season, all starting on August 18.

Respawn has been teasing the announcement for Season 6 both in-game and on Twitter. As Season 5: Fortune's Favor winds down, Respawn has been tweeting out cryptic audio diaries from both known and unknown characters. The World's Edge map was updated with construction signs that were later vandalized to say "All Hail Sheila," which was revealed to be Rampart's weapon in the trailer.

Season 5 featured a series of quests that culminated in a familiar face for Titanfall 2 fans and hinted at the possibility of a new map.

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