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Apex Legends Season 6 "May Be A Little Bit Different" From Season 5 When It Comes To Storytelling

Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier detailed Respawn's reasoning for adding Quest mode to the game and explained the developer's commitment to continue telling stories.


In Season 5: Fortune's Favor, Respawn added a new story-based PvE mode called Quest. In a GameSpot Play For All interview, Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier spoke to us about Respawn's decision to add a story mode to a multiplayer-focused game and teased that how Apex Legends' story is told may look "a little bit different" in Season 6.

"Quest was really just an experiment to see how we could tell more story in [Apex Legends]," Grenier said. "We have a team of people who love to tell stories. Before Apex, we made a campaign, Titanfall 2, and told a ton of story there. And then moving on to making a multiplayer-only game, we're left wondering, 'How can we tell a story in a battle royale game? Is that even possible?' And we found ways to do that through transmedia storytelling and our character teases and the dialogue--so Quests is just an evolution of trying to tell a story in a multiplayer game."

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Grenier continued: "And so we've been listening to a lot of the feedback and I think, in general, people enjoy playing Quest. If anything, the feedback has just been that people want more of that lore and storytelling so we're finding new ways to bring that content in future seasons--just listening and learning, we're trying to evolve the way that we're doing it and find what works best. Season 6 may be a little bit different from 5 and that's just us iterating and trying to try new things and see what works and see what doesn't work and listen to the fans."

As part of Play For All, we also played a few rounds of Apex Legends with Justine Huxley and Roger Craig Smith, the voice actors for Wattson and Mirage, respectively. The livestream marked Smith's first victory in Apex Legends.

In other Apex Legends' news, the battle royale game is set to see its next limited-time event: Lost Treasures. As seen during EA Play, Lost Treasures adds Map Room, a Crypto-themed town takeover, to Kings Canyon and sees the return of the limited-time mode Armed and Dangerous. Apex Legends is also coming to both Steam and Nintendo Switch, and all versions of the game are scheduled to get cross-play support.

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