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Apex Legends Season 5 Trailer Suggests Skull Town Will Be Destroyed

Even if it's just a partial destruction of Skull Town, the change would have a fairly significant impact on how players drop onto Kings Canyon.


The launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor has been released and it further fleshes out the story of Loba, the battle royale game's next playable character. The trailer also seems to suggest that, when Apex Legends goes into Season 5, Kings Canyon will lose one of its most beloved landmarks.

During the course of the trailer, we see Loba set off a chain of explosions that ultimately blows a hole in an underground facility beneath Kings Canyon. When she emerges, she's surrounded by a few of the legends--including Revenant, who's responsible for her parents' deaths. During her escape, we see a leviathan skull fall into the underground lab, which is now flooded. It's the same skull that's a part of the skeleton in Skull Town, suggesting the landmark's destruction in Season 5.

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In a press release, Respawn writes, "In Season 5: Fortune's Favor, the next chapter in [Apex Legends], Loba's search in the seedy underbelly of Kings Canyon will uncover secrets that set off a chain of events--drastically changing the map as competitors know it." This lends further support to Season 5 seeing a major map change to Kings Canyon.

This isn't the first time Kings Canyon has been partially destroyed and remade. As seen in the Season 2: Battle Charge launch trailer, Crypto's actions accidentally allowed nearby leviathans and flyers to invade the arena--ultimately destroying and reshaping both the Bridges and Cascades landmarks.

Bye-bye Skull Town--it's been fun!
Bye-bye Skull Town--it's been fun!

Skull Town is currently one of the most popular drop spots on Kings Canyon. Its narrow streets and small buildings create numerous bottlenecks for fierce firefights, while its massive size means there's plenty of high-tier loot to go around. There's also only one landmark, Thunderdome, between Skull Town and the bottom left corner of the map, meaning it's unlikely for many new squads to push in on the area unless the zone closes towards the bottom left.

Most veterans know that if you drop into Skull Town and win, you'll likely have plenty of loot and time to push in on other squads--giving you a nice advantage for the rest of the match. Destroying or reshaping the landmark could be a significant adjustment to the in-match meta on Kings Canyon.

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