Apex Legends Season 5 Teaser Could Tie To Loba's Revenge

Ahead of Apex Legends season changes, Respawn seems to enjoy teasing upcoming map changes and new playable characters--and that tradition is holding true for Season 5.


With the start of the Battle Armor limited-time event and with Apex Legends Season 5 about to begin, Respawn has returned to its crafty ways on Twitter. Much like the tease of leviathan movement ahead of Season 2: Battle Charge, mysteriously hacked tweets containing secrets messages prior to Season 3: Meltdown, and manufactured media craze ahead of Season 4: Assimilation, Respawn has begun to use Twitter to hint at what could be coming in Season 5 alongside Loba and the new Quests mode.

Interestingly enough, this hint actually ties back to Season 4 and Revenant's introduction. Back when it wasn't clear whether Forge or Revenant was joining the Apex Games, the Apex Legends Twitter account posted leaked emails that confirmed Season 4's new character would be the nightmarish simulacrum. This Season 5 hint is once again those exact emails, but now the leaked image of them is pulled back--revealing post-it notes on the monitor display.

Based on the messages scribbled on the post-it notes, it seems like someone is taking notice of Revenant's source code--a means of shutting the murderous machine down permanently. The emails suggest that something is wrong with the means of getting the code to take, but the post-it notes posit that the fact remains that it still exists as a possible exploit for destroying Revenant for good.

And who has a reason for wanting to see Revenant dead? Probably the young girl who Revenant orphaned in the Season 4: Assimilation launch trailer--now officially revealed to be Loba. Loba herself has already started appearing in-game, even leaving her bracelet behind in the World's Edge Train Yard vault, which will temporarily teleport you to Kings Canyon if you touch it.

Respawn has confirmed that Season 5 will be a "pleasant surprise" for Titanfall fans. Additionally, in-game Easter eggs have begun to hint at major structural additions to Kings Canyon in Season 5.

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