Apex Legends Season 5 Launch Trailer Out Now--Loba Meets The Other Characters

Thanks to Revenant's addition to the Apex Games, Loba now knows where to find the bounty hunter that killed her parents.


Respawn has released the launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor, which starts on May 12. Season 5 will add Loba to Apex Legends as a playable character, as well as a brand-new battle pass and Quests mode. You can watch the launch trailer below.

In the description for the launch trailer, Respawn writes, "When Revenant killed Marcos Andrade all those years ago, he left a loose end. Now she's all grown up." The trailer sees Loba discover a hidden underground facility beneath Kings Canyon, which appears to contain back-ups for Revenant were his body to fail, as well as the original mind that he's copied from when he dies. She's unable to destroy it; instead, her actions alert the security Spectres and, in her escape, Loba ends up running into and meeting the other legends.

Respawn has traditionally used Apex Legends' launch trailers to showcase important story moments in the battle royale game's overarching narrative. In-between these launch trailers, the developer fleshes out the lore of Apex Legends through Stories of the Outlands animated shorts, Twitter posts, in-game map changes, and battle pass rewards--it's a rather fascinating way of telling an episodic story.

The first launch trailer established the Apex Games, showcasing how each legend has their own reasons for being there. The Season 2: Battle Charge launch trailer revealed how the flyers and leviathans destroyed Kings Canyon. In the Season 3: Meltdown launch trailer we see how the Apex Games are moved to World's Edge while Kings Canyon undergoes repairs. Finally, the Season 4: Assimilation launch trailer details how Revenant broke free from Hammond Robotics control--an act that ultimately led to both him and Loba joining the Apex Games.

Though these trailers primarily focus on story, they have revealed new gameplay additions as well. The first launch trailer showcases Pathfinder using a HAVOC assault rifle, a firearm which hadn't been announced for the game yet. The Season 2 launch trailer revealed the official design for Crypto, a playable character added in Season 3. The Season 3 launch trailer revealed a new playable legend that still hasn't been announced yet.

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