Apex Legends Season 5 Hint Ties Back To Memorable Titanfall 2 Level

With under a month before the start of Apex Legends Season 5, Respawn has started implementing small in-game map changes.


Apex Legends' Season 4: Assimilation is scheduled to end on May 5 and Respawn has possibly already started hinting at what's coming in Season 5 with small in-game map changes. The latest map change includes an Easter egg to Titanfall 2's most infamous level--which makes sense, since Respawn said Apex Legends Season 5 would have a "pleasant surprise" for Titanfall fans.

If you go to The Dome on World's Edge, you can now discover a mysterious datapad in one of the main buildings. If you look at it before picking it up, you'll notice it grants access to something having to do with the ARES Division. Picking it up briefly flashes a message across the screen, which reads that there are more sub-level rooms to discover and the entry point seems to be Singh Labs. Reddit user HIRUZENandENMA was the first to find the datapad and reveal the full message--their post is embedded below.

So how does this tie back into Titanfall? The Archaeological RESearch Division (ARES) is a part of the IMC, first encountered in-game during Titanfall 2's memorable Effect And Cause level, which takes place on the planet Typhon. ARES was attempting to fix the Fold Weapon, an alien technology that could bend time and space, in order to use it as a planet killer. You destroy it in Titanfall 2, but Apex Legends has long since hinted that people have continued the work that ARES started.

Back when the Singh Labs were added to Kings Canyon during the Voidwalker event and Crypto first appeared in-game, there was a laptop that you could interact with that revealed that, before she was Wraith, senior research science pilot Renee Blasey was experimenting with finding a way to fold space time in order to travel between dimensions. Thanks to the Voidwalker animated short, we know Wraith is originally from Typhon--she could have a connection to ARES, and that connection could be the driving force behind what's coming in Season 5.

Wraith wouldn't be the first legend to discover she has a bone to pick with the IMC. Crypto was framed by The Syndicate, a company revealed in hacked emails to have ties to Hammond Robotics, which was once (like ARES) a part of the IMC. And Revenant hates Hammond Robotics for forcing him to be their immortal slave, going so far as killing the company's sponsored champion, Forge, on live television.

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