Apex Legends Season 5 Adds Quests, A New Game Mode

Just like Season 2: Battle Charge, Season 5: Fortune's Favor will add a brand-new game mode to Apex Legends.


Apex Legends is getting a new mode, Quests, when Season 5: Fortune's Favor starts in May and adds Loba as a playable character. Respawn hasn't provided many details about Quests, but it sounds like it could be a single-player or multiplayer PvE game mode.

"When Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor arrives on May 12, players will find a new game mode, Quests, that will have players hunting for treasure and answers each season," Respawn writes in a press release. "Those who complete the journey will be richly rewarded."

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Though Respawn hasn't confirmed it, Quests could be the "pleasant surprise" for Titanfall fans that the developer teased would be coming to Apex Legends in Season 5. A recent tweet, embedded below, that hinted at upcoming content for Apex Legends included images of what looks like a BRD-01 Automated Infantry Spectre, a robotic enemy found in the campaigns and multiplayer modes for Titanfall and Titanfall 2. If Quests does happen to be a PvPvE or PvE mode, then Spectres could be one of the enemy types.

This is the fastest that Respawn has added a new permanent mode to Apex Legends, as Quests is coming mere weeks after Duos became a permanent mode. The battle royale game launched with only one mode, Play Apex, which became the casual playlist when Ranked released alongside the launch of Season 2: Battle Charge. Duos was the next permanent mode added, implemented during the latter half of Season 4: Assimilation.

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