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Apex Legends Season 12 Gameplay Trailer Teases Mythic Bloodhound Skin That Evolves Over Time

Plus, we get to see some of the rewards included in Season 12's battle pass, like legendary skins for Seer and Loba.


Ahead of Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance kicking off on February 8, Respawn has released a new gameplay trailer that details what players can expect regarding the new 9v9 Control limited-time mode and in-game rewards celebrating Apex Legends' three-year anniversary. It also ends with a quick tease of a new Bloodhound skin that gifts the technological tracker with a new execution. It looks badass.

As seen in the trailer, Control (which is a chaotic and fun time) sees teams of nine face off in a mode that's similar to Titanfall 2's Amped Hardpoint or Halo Infinite's Strongholds. Teams score points for securing objectives rather than getting kills. Capturing and holding objectives nets you points for your team, with the first team to reach 1500 points taking the win.

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The trailer also gives us an additional look at Mad Maggie, as well as her passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. Mad Maggie is an "aggressive playmaker" who is great for folks who like to grab a shotgun and rush the enemy position.

This new gameplay trailer also showcases how Duardo Silva's actions in Season 12's launch trailer have reshaped Olympus. The once pristine city is now largely in disarray, with buildings and equipment still in mid-phase shift throughout the map.

We also get a tease of what will be included in the Season 12 battle pass, with new legendary character skins for Seer and Loba as well as legendary reactive weapon skins for the Hemlock.

Loba's legendary Season 12 battle pass skin.
Loba's legendary Season 12 battle pass skin.

After that, the Season 12 gameplay trailer goes into what's coming to Apex Legends in celebration of its three-year anniversary. For Apex Legends' 3rd birthday, players can unlock Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie for free by opening the game during the first three weeks of Season 12.

In addition, Respawn is bringing back the Anniversary Collection event. As seen in the Season 12 gameplay trailer, the event includes old legendary character skins: Caustic's Blackheart, Loba's Purple Reign, Crypto's Hype Beast, and Fuse's Dread Captain. The event will also include new cosmetics themed around these old skins--Revenant and Gibraltar get new skins themed around Caustic's Blackheart, Valkyrie and Bangalore get skins themed around Loba's Purple Reign, Wattson and Mirage get skins themed around Crypto's Hype Beast, and Bloodhound and Mad Maggie get skins themed around Fuse's Dread Captain.

Intriguingly, the trailer includes a final tease at the very end for a new skin for Bloodhound, one that evolves as they kill opponents, ultimately reaching a final form that has a unique execution. This is likely the mythic cosmetic tied to the Anniversary Collection event, which you unlock for buying all 24 epic and legendary event-exclusive items.

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