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Apex Legends Season 12 Adds Mad Maggie On February 8

Fuse's former friend and the Salvo's violent revolutionary has been sentenced to join the Apex Games in Season 12.


Apex Legends' Season 12: Defiance launches on February 8, bringing Fuse's former friend Mad Maggie to the Apex Games. The new Stories from the Outlands "Judgment" lore video shows Margaret "Mad Maggie" Kōhere being tried for her crimes of fighting against the Syndicate on the war-torn planet of Salvo, where Fuse is also from. Her punishment is being forced to participate in the Apex Games, something Mad Maggie seems very excited about.

Maggie was last seen during Season 8, when she destroyed multiple airships over Kings Canyon because of her displeasure with Fuse joining the Apex Games and leaving Salvo behind. The arrival of Mad Maggie was teased as a battle took place in the air over Storm Point. After some ships were destroyed, a piece fell down onto the map with the symbol of Salvo–Mad Maggie's calling card–painted on it.

The Season 12: Defiance Launch trailer will premiere January 27, likely revealing some of the other changes coming with the new season. Season 12 will launch on February 8, right after the conclusion of Season 11: Escape and its battle pass, with a Season 12 battle pass trailer likely coming in the week before its launch.

Respawn has also teased a new limited-time mode coming in Season 12 called Control. The mode pits two teams of nine against each other as they battle to hold control points with unlimited respawns. Apex Legends current limited-time event, Dark Depths, is still live through February 1.

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