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Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Character, Octane, Might Have Leaked Already

Meet Octane, a legend with attitude.


Apex Legends will be introducing its first battle pass soon, which looks to be adding a variety of new content and unlockables--including a new playable legend. While Respawn has yet to share any specifics regarding what we can expect to see in the Season 1 battle pass, we may have gotten an early look at its new character by mistake. A purported leak appears to show a new character named Octane, along with some other details about what's coming in the battle pass.

A user on Reddit and Twitter noted that the Origin landing page had changed to include a look at Octane. The update featured text describing the first battle pass:

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"Survive the the [sic] arena, meet the Apex Games' latest Legend, Octane, wield new weapons, and score unique loot. The Season 01 Battle Pass is here, purchase it at the in-game store for 950 Apex Coins."

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The update is no longer visible on the Origin homepage, but the background image showing Octane himself is still live on the Origin site. In a statement, community manager Jay Frechette acknowledged that there was an "unintentional update about Season 1 on Origin today." At the same time, though, he warned not to put too much stock in datamined information, as it can consist of old, outdated concepts and ideas that may never see the light of day.

Respawn has been relatively quiet so far about exactly what to expect from its first battle pass, so if this leak holds up it's the most detail we've heard yet. A price of 950 coins would make a battle pass cost roughly $10, similar to Apex's chief competition, Fortnite. Respawn has said there will be new weapons, legends, and loot with each battle pass. The first is set to launch anytime, while the second is scheduled for June.

The studio just banned 355,000 cheaters on PC, and explained its plans for dealing with cheaters going forward. One feature we shouldn't expect, though, is the ability to reconnect to a match. Respawn feels that's too exploitable and the energy would be better spent elsewhere.

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