Apex Legends Reconnect Feature Not In The Works

Get disconnected, stay disconnected.


The new battle royale game from EA and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is off to a hot start, and it's set to expand soon with the release of its first battle pass. And while Respawn has been open to community feedback thus far, one commonly requested feature--the ability to rejoin a match after being disconnected--is apparently not something you can look forward to being added.

In a post on Reddit, community manager Jay Frechette explained that the team isn't pursuing it for two key reasons. The first is that a reconnect feature is very easy for unscrupulous players to abuse, presumably by intentionally disconnecting to avoid a death and then reconnecting to the match right afterwards. The second reason is simply that implementing the feature would be resource-intensive, and Respawn feels that energy is better spent on stability improvements to avoid disconnects in the first place.

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This came alongside an announcement that Respawn had banned 355,000 cheaters on PC. It said that for the time being it uses the pre-made Easy-Anti-Cheat toolset, but it's working on its own custom solutions to address cheating as well. It's keeping these cards close to its vest, however, as it doesn't want the cheaters to use any public information to help them circumvent the new measures. Likewise, it plans to address the issue of players spamming and disconnecting at the start of matches, but it's unwilling to share specific plans in order to prevent these offenders from counteracting it.

[Update: In an accidental update to the Origin store, an advertisement briefly appeared for the battle pass including the new character Octane. In a follow-up statement, community manager Jay Frechette acknowledged that there was an "unintentional update about Season 1 on Origin today." He also cautioned against putting too much faith in what's revealed through datamining, which has allegedly uncovered other new characters that may or may not eventually be released.]

Meanwhile, the studio has released a new weapon balance patch to make adjustments to Peacekeeper and Wingman, primarily. Another upcoming update will address concerns of unequal hitboxes. We're also expecting details on the battle pass sometime in the near future, which will add new cosmetic options and other additions to earn through play, for a fee. The first battle pass is set to launch sometime in March.

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