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Apex Legends Permanently Adds Duos To Matchmaking

You won't always have to find a third friend, as Duos are back in Apex Legends--and it's for good this time.


Update: The Old Ways event is now live in Apex Legends alongside a brand-new update that permanently adds Duos mode to the Play Apex playlist. The update also makes several major adjustments to certain characters--Revenant gets some powerful buffs and Lifeline is now a more supportive medic. The Bloodhound-themed town takeover, Bloodhound's Trials, is also live as well as a map rotation feature which allows you to play on one of three different versions of Kings Canyon and World's Edge.

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Since its launch last year, Apex Legends has been experimenting with limited-time modes that introduced varying squad numbers, with playlists for both duo and solo play. The standard three-player squad mode has persisted, but on April 7 Apex Legends will let you play duos forever.

The new mode is part of the larger The Old Ways event, which has fleshed some of Bloodhound's backstory while making substantial changes to the game moving forward. Duos is one such change--now you can decide on your squad size before launching into a match, as well as what map you want to drop into. Apex Legends is introducing map-rotation permanently too, letting you switch between King's Canyon and Worlds Edge.

Unlike most of the event's content, these changes are here to stay. The Old Ways will also introduce a new Town Takeover called Bloodhound's Trials, feature an exclusive rewards track with daily and weekly challenges on top of those included in the battle pass, and more items in the direct to purchase store pertaining to the event and the short story that started it all.

Apex Legends is free to play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The Old Ways kicks off on April 7 and runs through April 21 across all platforms.

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