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Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide: Essential Tips To Be The Best Robotic Scout

Be the happy robot boy.

March has finally arrived, which means we're lining up to get the first drop of content from Apex Legends' upcoming battle pass. A new character is more than likely to make the cut, and if they're as distinct as the rest, the current meta is bound to change in some intriguing ways. With the game's player base surpassing 50 million, it has never been a more exciting time to play a new battle royale.

As you know, Apex Legends is a battle royale game that encourages you to work alongside two players as a squad, leveraging the strengths of the game's characters. The eight playable characters in Apex Legends each have with their own unique abilities, so composing an effective team of three requires a bit of trial and error. If you've chosen Pathfinder, you have interest in scoping out the path ahead for your squad. As a scout, it's your responsibility to use his various mobility options to spot enemy locations and strategic points of interest.

Keep reading for all the information you need on Pathfinder's abilities, including his strengths and weaknesses, as well as tips on how to use him effectively and help your team to victory. We've also got plenty more guides, including things that Apex Legends doesn't tell you, a list of myths we've tested about how the game works, and a full rundown of the game's best guns. You might also want to check out our Apex Legends review.

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General Overview

Sometimes a squad's path to success is made possible by a solid recon player. Pathfinder handles that role in spades with abilities that provide advantageous intel. With abilities that increase its mobility and awareness of nearby enemies, your responsibility as Pathfinder is to serve your squadmates and keep them in the know about what's happening in the battlefield. With its endearingly optimistic personality, Pathfinder makes playing the scout a charming and fulfilling experience.

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Tactical: Grappling Hook

Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook can be used to get to hard-to-reach places quickly. It's your go-to method for getting a lay of the land.

Passive: Insider Knowledge

Pathfinder’s Passive ability Insider Knowledge allows you to scan a survey beacon that will reveal the ring’s next location. Use this whenever you see the survey beacon as it can greatly help you gain a positional advantage over the next team.

Ultimate: Zipline Gun

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is Zipline gun creates a zipline that everyone can use, allowing your whole squad to reach areas not as easily accessible.

Tips To Play

The Grappling Hook is Pathfinder's deadliest weapon. The most obvious use is to get him to high ground for sniping, since you get can get some very good vantage points for the Longbow DMR, Triple Take, or Kraber.

Don't discount the grapple's ability to make you go fast, though.It can be used to do some fun tactical plays to swing around enemies or to try to get up and over them. Getting good with the grapple can let you swing over top of enemy positions to land in perfect positions for flanking, or to totally confuse enemies as they lose track of you. What's more, with practice, you can get good at using the grapple swing to save yourself from bad situations by zipping through the air and getting away quickly.

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Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is great to get to high vantage points for sniping. Also, this ability allows your team to traverse long distances, or flank enemies. It's also great for creating escape routes; set up a zipline leading away from enemies as you prepare for an ambush, so if things don't go your way, you can quickly reposition for healing or to make a run for it.

The Insider Knowledge ability is pretty invaluable, and you should be making use of it in every match as often as you can. It shows you where the next ring will be, allowing you to plan your movements around the map better than other players. You can use that information to get set up in strong positions ahead of other teams, so that by the time they arrive when the ring forces them to move, you can be waiting--ideally with high ground and a sniper.

In combat situations, try to stay up high as much as you can--as Pathfinder, verticality is a capability you have that other characters don't. Pop up on rooftops, zip from building to building, and generally use your mobility to get to places your enemies don't expect to see you. Smart players will try to get angles on opposing squads they don't expect, so while the rest of your team is distracting them, you can show up on a nearby rooftop, laying down machine gun fire. It's a great way to rack up kills and knockdowns with hit-and-run tactics.

Ziplines are noisy, but they're much quicker than running, and you're tougher to hit in the air than you are on the ground. Don't be afraid to toss ziplines when you have them to help you quickly climb hills or pass over buildings, even in a combat scenario, because the added speed might be enough to get you out of harm's way.

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