Apex Legends Patch Targets Ongoing Server Issues

Some players are still reporting server-based issues, including teleporting and lag, following the patch.


Apex Legends has been having some problems lately. While the game isn't plagued by an unending wave of cheaters and hackers like Call of Duty: Warzone, it's been seeing a lot more server stability issues. However, those problems should be addressed, at least somewhat, by the game's latest patch according to the developer.

On Twitter, Respawn explained that players should now see fewer incidents of server instability, including teleporting, packet loss, and of course, lag. The developer also noted that it found a secondary issue with the game that would cause crashes that ties back to the game's animated poses. That issue, along with others, will be addressed in yet another patch coming this Wednesday. For the time being though, Respawn is simply advising that players unequip any animated poses they have unless they're comfortable with risking a game crash.

Even with the latest patch for Apex Legends rolled out, some players are still experiencing issues that can be traced back to the game's servers. Numerous posts on r/ApexLegends show that players are still running into connection problems with the game, most of which result in teleporting and lagging, making the competitive title nearly unplayable. It's not clear how much Wednesday's upcoming patch will affect the game's still-troubled servers.

Apex Legends' patches by themselves have been a point of contention for players recently, with Respawn promising to remove tap-strafing, a piece of PC-specific movement tech from the game. The developer then walked back that promise, citing "unexpected side effects."

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