Apex Legends Patch Notes: Update Tweaks Weapons, Gibraltar, And Caustic

The biggest Legends armor up.


Respawn recently released the latest update for Apex Legends, and it was a notable one. While a number of minor patches have been released since launch, this one includes some notable balance tweaks to both weapons and two characters who have suffered due to their hitboxes. It also introduced a bonus XP event (which has since ended), but ultimately the balance changes are what are most important to be aware of. Here's the rundown on what's changed and the full patch notes.

Respawn shared the full patch notes on the Apex Legends subreddit, and they show that Gibraltar and Caustic are among the key targets of the update. Community manager Jay Frechette explained that those two, along with Pathfinder, were all getting punished in match data for their hitbox size. Readjusting the hitboxes worked to fix Pathfinder, but the other two were still at a disadvantage. As a result, this patch adds a new passive ability for Gibraltar and Caustic: Fortified, which reduces damage by 10%. Each has a handful of other minor tweaks as well to make them more competitive; Caustic deals more gas damage and can deploy his Ultimate from further away, while Gibraltar's gun shield sees a 50% increase in health (it now stands at 75).

Other changes to weapons include buffs for the Longbow DMR and Havoc, and nerfs for the G7 Scout, Wingman, and Spitfire. The jump ship has also gotten a speed increase, with Respawn explaining, "We felt that the ship was moving a bit too slow after watching player behavior so we're speeding it up so players that like to drop later in the flight path don’t have to wait so long."

This is a smaller-scale update to the overall 1.1 patch that went live recently. More recently, project lead Drew McCoy commented that the game isn't coming to Switch right now, but he didn't rule out the possibility completely.

If you were playing last week, you were able to get some bonus Battle Pass XP to level up faster. Your first Top 5 of the day granted you a full Battle Pass level (29,500 BPP), and you could repeat that every day until the bonus period ends on April 18. That date has now passed, although we could always see an event like this return in the future.

Apex Legends Patch 1.1.1 Update Notes



  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%

  • Gas Damage per tick increased: 1 -> 4

  • Ultimate Throw distance increased: 28 meters -> 33 meters


  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%

  • Gun Shield health increased: 50 -> 75



    • Lowered leg shot damage reduction: 25% -> 10%

    • Reduced base weapon sway by about 33%

    • Reduced base sway speed by about 25%


    • Increased fire rate 1.2 -> 1.6

    • Increased magazine size

      • Base mag increased: 5 -> 6 rounds

      • Common mag extender increased: 6 -> 8 rounds

      • Rare mag extender increased: 8 -> 10 rounds

      • Epic mag extender increased: 10 -> 12 rounds


    • Increased base magazine size: 25 -> 32 rounds

    • Charge Beam

      • Reduced cost per shot: 5 -> 4

      • Increased close range damage: 55 -> 60

      • Increased damage at range: 45 -> 50

      • Close range damage falloff increased: 35m -> 75m

      • Ranged damage falloff increased: 75m -> 125m


    • Reduced magazine size

      • Base mag reduced: 6 -> 4 rounds

      • Common mag extender reduced: 8 -> 6 rounds

      • Rare mag extender reduced: 9 -> 8 rounds

      • Epic mag extender reduced: 12 -> 10 rounds


    • Reduced base damage: 20 -> 18

    • Magazine extender attachments reduced

      • Common mag extender reduced: 45 -> 40 rounds

      • Rare mag extender reduced: 55 -> 45 rounds

      • Epic mag extender reduced: 60 -> 55 rounds


  • Gold Havoc

    • Now has Turbocharger

    • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site

  • Gold R301

    • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site

  • Gold Wingman

    • Now has digital threat


In honor of Thicc-boi buffs, we’re going to be running a bonus Battle Pass XP event. From approximately 10AM PST 4/16 through approximately 10AM PST 4/18, your first Top 5 of the day (your squad places 5th or better in a match) will grant you 1 full bonus Battle Pass Level (29,500 BPP), up to a max of level 110. You can earn this once per day.

We’ll also be finding other moments during the season to add Battle Pass XP bonuses, so stay tuned!



    • Increased the speed of the ship by about 50%

      • We felt that the ship was moving a bit too slow after watching player behavior so we’re speeding it up so players that like to drop later in the flight path don’t have to wait so long.


    • Fixed UI bug where the wrong percentage would be displayed for all boost badges.

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