Apex Legends Now Lets You Hog The Glory For Yourself, For A Limited Time

Be the Apex predator, all by yourself, with a new Solos mode and new skins.


The team-based battle royale Apex Legends is experimenting with dropping the "team-based" part in a limited-time mode. The new Solos event has launched, letting you compete with 59 other aspiring Legends as you fight to be the last one standing. As previously announced, the event which is dubbed the "Iron Crown Collection Event" will last through August 27.

The update that brought Solos also packaged some extra goodies. A new Octane's Town Takeover mixes up the map in some unique ways, adding a mega jump pad and stunt ramps with fire effects to the stadium. Plus, over the weekend of August 16-18 you can earn double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins.

The event will also reward players with Iron Crown Collection Packs, which house exclusive cosmetics. You can earn a couple of packs by completing special event challenges, and others are available for purchase. These packs have a 50/50 probability for Epic or Legendary items, and won't give duplicates. If you manage to get all 24 Ice Crown exclusives, you can also purchase an heirloom item, Bloodhound's Battle Axe.

The event isn't going off without its share of controversy, however. Some fans like this one on the Apex Legends subreddit have complained that the Iron Crown event packs are prohibitively expensive, especially since you need to buy several of them to collect all 24 cosmetics for the heirloom item. Each pack costs around $7, so needing to purchase more than 20 of them adds up fast. Then on top of that, you'll need even more coins to buy the heirloom itself. That thread has been heavily upvoted, showing at least a portion of the community agrees.

Though the Solos mode is planned as a limited-time event, community manager Jay Frechette indicated that the studio will be watching the reaction closely. That means Respawn could bring the mode back from time to time or even make it a permanent addition.

"We'll talk more about Solos when it's live and you've had a chance to play it," Frechette said. "For now we're going to put it out there and see what happens and what kind of feedback we get."

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